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Work and worry

Hi guys hope your all well x i probably am boring you all ao much.

I have been off sick for just under 2 months due back Thursday but going to c if doctor will extend my line till monday.I am feeling a lot better honestly never knew how exhaustion felt until 2 months ago was sleeping 15 hours a day and still waking up feeling like i had ran a marathon.

Truth b told i am scared to go bk to work 1.because all of the questions from colleagues and manager s ps colleagues are a lot more nosey than management and not a caring nosey lol

2 will i get the sack?i have never had disaplinary before.have sent in letters from doctors as proof aswell as i have other health conditions.i feel like a big lazy failure always worked so hard and know i cannot afford to not have job.Sorry for the life story guysadd

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Hi Hun, it’s only natural that you’re feeling anxious about it all and you’re definitely not boring us. You can talk to us about anything that’s worrying you, after all, that’s what fibro family and friends are for 😊.

In answer to your concerns, you can tell your work colleagues as much or as little as you want to. At the end of the day it’s your health that’s been affected not your work. If they insist on an answer (which nosey uncaring people don’t deserve) just smile and say it was personal and you don’t wish to talk about it. Just my personal opinion and obviously it’s your choice what to say at the end of the day lol.

I don’t know what your work sickness policy is but if you’ve been off for two months and sent in Drs notes then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get sacked. It’s Sod’s law that us hard working people end up being sick isn’t it? I was off for a year, ended up on no pay but got pip and had my contract terminated due to ill health, and then was awarded esa. It is always a worry for us unfortunately Hun. However, although I’m not an expert when it comes to your place of work, I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about. Easier said than done I know but try and get some rest. Take care and feel free to talk anytime you want to xx 🤗🤗

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You are so kind with your words thank you so much i really do mean that. I am 27years old so much going for me and this fibro is holding me back xxxxx

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It’s incredibly frustrating. Are you on any medication to help ease the pain? It’s just so unfair when you’re young and having to deal with something like fibro. That’s why a site like this one is so invaluable. Take care xx



You should have a return to work interview and HR should discuss staggered return to work .

Its hard going back to full hours after 2 months off

So staggered return eases the way a bit for you

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You ll be fine you re berating yourself for being il, we all get bk to work interviews when we go back just to make sure we re fit it's cool n colleagues well they are adults so should be supportive, the longer you procrastinate the harder it will be, go rush back and enjoy the social interaction. Ps so jealous

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