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Fibromyalgia and work

Hi, new here and looking for some advice!

I've been struggling to get a diagnosis for over 2 years now. Been told I have hypermobility, unstable shoulders and muscle damage in my back and am now waiting on seeing the rheumatologist to diagnose fibromyalgia eventually!

I've had a lot of time off work in the last year (about 6 weeks altogether) and find my work very unsupportive! Has anyone experienced anything similar? Has any advice?

At my wits end just now :(


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A lot depends on where you work and whether you have an Occupational Health department. You should be able to approach them for support and advise with regards to your job and what you can or can't do but unfortunately not all employers are created equal. I have very understanding employers but there are many on this site who have had a terrible time with their work and no support at all; it really does depend where you work.

Sorry I don't think I am being much help but the best thing is to arm yourself with as much information as possible and let your employer know what you are going through and hopefully they will work with you to decide the best course of action for your future employment.

Good luck with work and your Rheumi appointment. Steph


Thank you :)

I have spoken to oc health and work are aware of what's going on but alas no help! Just wish managers ect were more supportive...


I am so genuinely sorry to read your post and I was also going to suggest Occupational Health. I genuinely wish that I could offer you another alternative but I am not sure what to suggest without a diagnosis as Fibro is covered by the Equalities Act 2012 and you could use this to gain a modicum of protection.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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The same as everyone else. Occupational Health would have been my suggestion. Have you had an assessment with them? They can speak to management on your behalf. It obviously depends on your line of work and whether your managers have any understanding of your medical issues at all but they may help following an assessment.

I was off work for 5 months and sobbed through my entire OH assessment but they were supportive and enlightened my work folk to my condition. Best of luck xx


just like you ,I didn't get the support from employment, I handed my notice because I went off sick with my back and shoulders, pain round back chest, feet throabing, and hands, pins and needles.

Come back under doctors orders, the company ..,had to accommodate They didn't, came to crunching point and I couldn't take it any more,.

We are just a number, employers don't care really, well some, I was reduced from forty to twenty, then to fifteen, was my choice cause I was in a very bad way, getting up in the morning with pain, and going to bed chronic .

have a partner that supports me, but its not the same as being self sufficient .


Aw I completely agree! Ive reduced mine from 40 to 30 hours a week but wouldn't be worth it if I had to reduce them anymore... Got a meeting tomorrow as I've been off work for a month as I just can't manage it so guess I'll see how it goes. Can't believe work places get away with being so unsupportive.


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