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Neck pain

Hi, I've had quite a few symptoms over the last few months, lots of tests, which have all came back normal. My main problems and symptoms are, neck and shoulder pain, muscle aches all over body, my throat is very tender inside and out (not necessarily sore throat, more like pain) wrist and ankle pain and anxiety of what's wrong with me all of she time, burning mouth and tongue, burping and flatulence, and ibs.

I'm sure doctors think I'm hyperchonric, as well as my family, because I've said so many different symptoms over past few months! They think it's all in my head! Only I know what and how I feel and it's not pleasant! Just because you look ok on the outside doesn't mean you are always fine on the inside!

I'm taking vitamins, b12, c, and d as well as turmeric and magnesium, I eat healthy! I'm not a smoker but I do like the odd glass of vino but not excessive!

I did exercise 3 times a week, mainly kettle bells and jillian Michael's dvd, but have been told by my chiropractor to stop doing kettle bells and take up yoga, which I have just started doing.

I'm not sure if I have fibromyalgia, but with all the other tests coming back normal I'm unsure what to do next!

I feel very alone at the moment as well as useless, I feel like I'm moaning about my health issues all the time and no one believes me!

Sorry for the long post, you all on here are the only people that truly understand and very happy to have found this site.

Thanks for reading.

Karen x

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Hi there no it's not all in your head keep plugging away at the doc either to diagnose you, or refer you to a pain clinic or rheumatologist to get further help, my doc diagnosed me with pressure point tests and just in general what was happening to my body after about 4 months also blood tests but they were clear ,but it was not the case at 1st previous doctor didn't really listen my symptoms had been going on for awhile, like you my throats is tender quite often and swimming etc makes me terribly fatigued. I've been diagnosed with M E as well, again something I asked doc to refer me to a clinic for that separately. I've read turmeric is very good , I think you are eating a healthy diet taking up yoga and I think what you are doing is very positive. I think joining the forum is a good place to come people truly understand what you are going through right now. Never worry about a long post it's good to share your feelings and get it off your chest. As a new member you might like to lock your further posts as it's only our community can see and not everyone out there on the internet , it normally generates more responses so good luck let us know how you get on xxx


Hi yasmintina, thanks for your quick reply. I'm trying my best to feel normal again but it's so difficult when you just don't feel right. When I mentioned fibro to the doctor she just kind of looked at me and said maybe, nothing more and kinda dismissed what I was saying. So after back and forth to the docs and different tests I started to do my own research, and from the pressure points to the muscle aches and other symptoms it sounded like fibro, saying that I know fibro can mimic a lot more autoimmune diseases.

I'm just at a loss with the doctors and family, as trying to explain these different and sometimes weird symptoms, its really hard!

About the unlock thing, does my messages not go to all on my forum's? Sorry Im not used to the site!

Thanks again for your support and kind words. Xx

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Hi there hands free again as grandchildren left phew thinking that Epsom salts bath can't come quick enough tonight lovely but nice when you can hand them back little dears. When you got to post next time you will see 2 circles at the bottom, one on the left anyone can see , the right hand side says only people in your community can see that's the one to tick and yes all our forum will see your future posts they can see either way but people tend to respond more if they have alittle more privacy. . Can you ask to see a different doctor at your surgery you sound very similar to what I was experiencing, it's frustrating if they cannot answer you there's no reason they cannot refer further. I Think your right it's not that we are self diagnosing but all the signs are there and we know our own bodies. Yes family friends I understand , again mine took awhile as it's not visible but when I have flare days and have a quilt day I think it sinks in when mum/Nannie is struggling. Ive differently learnt now how to re think my life I certainly have to pace more, quite often stop for a drink doing the housework , and if my body just says no I literally stop . Let me know how you get on if you see a different doctor, or if current one actually does a referral for you. Look forward to seeing your further posts xx


Hi, have you been on grandma dutie? I bet that's tiring but nice to see them, but better to hand them back!! Hehe!

I don't have one Dr in particular as kept changing because I felt like they weren't listening to me, though the one I've seen recently seems to be a bit more patient friendly if you like! I really think Dr's should listen a bit more! Back in end of Feb I was back and forth telling them my symptoms, yes there was a few but I had a lot going on, so from end of Feb to April and lots of blood tests, turned out I had H pylori, so after 2 lots of antibiotics and stomach tablets it got rid of my bad bacteria but my good bacteria too.

I started doing my own research in h pylori, as again Dr did not explain what it can actually cause as well as the downfall in antibiotics! I've not felt right since, along with the other issues that are going on!

I will keep you posted on Dr's help....hopefully xx

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You need to get your GP to refer you to a Rheumstologist ( could be a wait though, depending on where you live)

I have very similar pain to you and find its best to treat the symptoms. OTC painkillers, heat, muscle rub ( I use Perskindol) and rest.

Stretching before getting going helps, as do hot baths with Epsom salts. It's a case of finding what works for you.

But press your dr for a referral and check your blood results too.


Hi hollyberry, thanks for your reply. That's my next step, when I go back to the doctors, I'm going to push it and get checked out by rheumatologist, hopefully the Dr will be more willing to listen to me, I just feel I get no where with the Dr when I bring up what could be wrong with me!

I've had endless blood tests, I've had my thyroid checked, endoscopy, been to a ear, throat and nose consultant, CT scan. All normal. I'm also seeing a chiropractor who told me I have forward head posture as well bad posture, repetitive movements over the years, due to office work, etc!

My neck and shoulders seem to be the worst for me atm!

Sorry to hear you are suffering too. What is perskindol? Ive been putting inflammatory gel on my neck which seems to help a little.


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