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Neck stiffness and lightheaded with a major headache.


Hi fibromite family

Just discovered that I have new symptom.

Finally booked for rheumy appointment on Sept 29cant wait.

Just wondering if any of you get major headache and when you get up you feel like you have to put your head down so you don't faint lightheaded. Terrible just started.

I do finally have a new Drnow and I finally see a specialist on this Friday he do believe what I tell him about my pain and he believe that it could beore nerve damage than anything .

I get these sudden like brain freezes the head don't pound its just tight all over especially at the nape of the neck.

I started sweating out of the blue and I'm thinking its probably a flare up I'm not to sure .then comes the facial pain right up to your ears and into the brain..all new symptoms just started oh well its something I am looking forward to find out. Also guys I developed this cough that's weird when I swallow it feels like a razor blade or like I'm chocking. Or perhaps something is stuck I'm always clearing my throat so maybe its fry from that .but it feels like a lump is there. Any one familiar with any of these symptoms.



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Sweetdreams 1234,

Sorry you are experiencing new symptoms!

I went to my GP for 18 months sore throat tickly cough, always carrying a bottle of water with me constant fatigue, she said nothing wrong all is looking ok, she retired 4 years ago saw new doctor I had another symptom by then too, chilled to the bone, could not heat up! he did an intrinsic blood test discovered I had pernicious anaemia, I get a B12 injection every 8 weeks which helps me. The cough was almost immediately sorted, I hadn't noticed that I was not producing saliva hence carrying the water, after my first B12 injection I was dribbling at the mouth from production of saliva, it's all settled & normal now I still carry water occasionally, but do not have the same need for it. Jope this is of a help to you. Take Care xx

As these are new symptoms you must see your G.P. We all get very different and sometimes odd symptoms so it is important to get checked out. I hope you feel some relief soon. xx LOU

Hi sweetdreams, i found out from dentist that migraines, neck pain, problems swallowing and opening my jaw, were due to tension in my jaw, through clenching my teeth at night. Since he made me a mouth guard to wear over my teeth at night these symptoms have improved dramatically. It is just a suggestion but your dentist may be able to help, the new dentists know about fibro as well as it is taught as part of their training, so look for a young dentist !!


I went to my GP about 18 months ago because I was getting migraines, headaches, and really bad pain in my neck, along with dizziness and lightheadedness. He sent me for an x ray, and when I went back for the results, he found it quite amusing to tell me that I've got a "spare rib" at the top of my spine, he called it a cervical rib....I think there are about 1 in 200 people born with it. He said it could explain the headache and neck pain...there is an operation available but he didn't offer it to me, and at the time I wasn't in so much pain that I would risk it, but the pain is getting worse, and is more noticeable during a fibro flare. For the last few days the pain has been unbearable so I'm going back to my GP to see what he suggests. I also get your other symptoms, where I feel like my throat is closing up....I also suffer really badly with hot flushes!! It's no fun this being ill is it? :-(

Thanks guys

Your response to me is so kind I'm so thankful to you all.

Yes all these new symptoms and being Ill is definitely not fun.awful actually to have such a want to do things but the body physically cannot. Its so depressingly tiring.

I wish I could just hop out of bed some days and just not have pain for one day boy the things I'd cram in a day.oh well perhaps one day. I'm hoping real soon.even something to relax but not pit me to sleep.I'm just waiting for the drs to start something so that can get my life sonecwhat back to normal.

Hi sweetdreams1234

I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing all of this and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

From a personal perspective, as I am not a doctor, but I have suffered with migraines all of my adult life, and what you have described comes across as migraines. I will reiterate what I have said, that I am not a doctor. However, I really think that you should discuss this with your GP and ascertain if you are suffering from migraines? Or if it is something else that is causing this?

Migraines usually have triggers, something else that is causing the pain and the headache, so it is important to find what your triggers(s) are? I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Thanks ken

I've too had migraines all my adult life but this is a little different. Actually much different. The pain in the back nape area of my neck is excruciating and the pain down my arms and legs are terrible like tingling and buzzing thus is just terrible. Even my lips are numb..

This is crazy.

Any ideas people.see a specialist on Friday.

Hope this goes away.. Can't wait to see the Dr. And my neck I have to lift it up to relieve the pressure very painful lots of pressure. On and off steady

Thanks all feel well take care of you.



Hi again, I am so sorry to hear that. It almost sounds like an oxygen issue? Whereby your oxygen levels in your blood are too low? When I am ill with my asthma or COPD the hospital always put a meter on my finger to check how much oxygen is in my blood.

Again though, I am not a doctor I am just going from my own personal experience. I was also wondering if you have ever been checked for spondylitis or arthritis in your neck? As these can cause a similar pain?

Good luck with your appointment, I hope that you find the answers?

Take care

Ken x

Thanks ken

I'm going to the hospital by morning if I can't feel could be because I've also been having lots of pain on my throat Luke I have to jeep clearing my throat and my face is tingling on my left side again it could be tmj in the face but my neck in terrible

I notice if I push in on the back of my neck almost at the nape it seems to relieve some of the numbness or pressure

Im booked for the 29th of September to see a rheumatologist and I hope I get some answers this is brutal.


hi there,

you are not alone with chronic headaches. i suffer them nearly every day. from the moment i open my eyes i know what type of day i am in for. if i have the headache i know that i will not be doig much that day as i find it hard to keep my head up as i also suffer neck pain at the same time. i find that if i relax in a nice warm bath it helps a little i also use deep heat on my neck. i have not bothered my doctor with this as i know she will say it is part of Fibro so i will discuss this at the pain clinic next month when i have my first appointment. i also find that if i am stressed the head ache is worse. which at the moment very true as i am waiting to find out if i have been moved over from WRAG to support group for my ESA. all i can say

is try and keep yourself relaxed and free of stress i know this is hard.

kind regards


So sorry sweetheart, you should defiantly get those symptoms checked out. Especially your head and trouble swallowing. I hope everything is okay. I get bad headaches and chronic tension in my muscles in the back of my head, neck, and shoulders... but your throat problems could be serious. Hope you see about it soon and feel better. Take care xxx Mitzi

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