Beating Fibromyalgia

I'm new to this site, and have loved reading other's comments. I know only one other person with this frightful condition, so comforting to know am not alone. FM is DEFF-IN-ATE-LY progressive. I have been aware of the condition for 26 years, and it 'started' with the birth of my daughter which was long and difficult (not her fault, bless her). I have now progressed from all-over fluey pain to dreadful specific pain in joints (shoulder, neck/lower head, inner ears/jaws, spine, and right hip joint, and more. I can do less and less. Really miss my bike riding and walking. Can only go for short strolls with my crutches now. Some things that have helped me are vitamins and minerals, royal jelly mixture from Irene Stein in London (fabulous stuff - just google her), and for sleeping, products from a company called Nikken. It is Japanese, and distributes only via individuals (certainly in England). Their products feature magnets, which are distributed throughout pillows, duvets, and slim mattresses which lie over your own, in all sizes. Also featured with the magnets is a fabric called 'far infrared' (don't know if spelling correct), a product invented by the space industry to coat the returning capsules so they would not catch fire on returning to the earths atmosphere. All the bedding and other products made of this, and I would NEVER sleep if I did not have their pillows and duvet. The latter is the best. I would just like to ask if anyone has had any luck with leaving certain foods out of diet? Any advice gratefully received. I send hugs to all - concentrate on those good moments/days, and get out in those sun rays.

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  • Thankyou for posting ,great you've joined the forum il read up on some of this products you've mentioned xx

  • Something else I remembered, which I cannot believe I forgot, is CBD (cannabinoidal) oil drops. Of course this oil is from cannabis/hemp and is without the psychotic element. This is now legal in the UK, and the best version I have found is an organic supplier called The Leaf and Oil Company Ltd. This is available on Amazon, but the company itself is much cheaper. Buy from www.leafand Also, the magnet/far infrared company Nikken supply flat magnets covered in far infrared which I strap to the most painful joints or muscles with medical tape (from any pharmacist), and this often removes all pain for the hours I leave it on. Good luck in finding these thing wherever you live.

  • well bright if I leave cream cakes and chocolate out feel better, but always have to go back to them cannot live without them x Also I I eat to much fruit x

  • I know - so difficult to ignore the yummies. Difficult to be 'good' when ones dis-ease prevents one doing so many lovely activities. Best wishes to you.

  • Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    Too much sweet stuff seems to affect me and make my pains worse x

  • Hi there Volunteer, My experience the same. Try, try, try CBD drops. Get from Amazon, and make sure they are good quality. It's worth it. One still has to observe other rules like not over-doing it, leaving out sugar (I am weak willed with both), but they help enormously. Also very interesting to Google CBD for Fibromalgia. Best wishes to you.

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