Hgh for Fibro relief

I've been reading some scientific research studies where Human growth Hormone was used to treat severe fibromyalgia patients. Results were a quite dramatic reduction in tender point count and pain levels and an increase in LBM in the HGH group Vs the placebo control group. In the UK HGH is a very unorthodox treatment and would only be available as an 'off label' treatment option, probably privately. In the USA it is used more widely in 'Anti - ageing' clinics etc, but is still controversial.

I have heard of a few incidents of NHS Docs prescribing but it's very rare, as it's not an approved fibro med. Has anyone here ever been prescribed HGH or Peptides for their Fibro? Or self administered HGH purchased online ( Not recommended I must add - but people do purchase meds and supps this way these days ).

If so did it help out or not? All the best to everyone!

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I remember there was a problem with cjd


My Goodness - you are right but that was a long long time ago - and related to Growth Hormone harvested from the pituitary gland of cadavers from the morgue ( I know - but it is Halloween tonight so I'm allowed to scare you guys a little! ). Because of the CJD aspect ( CJD prions in the harvested donor pituitaries could infect the recipients ) scientists looked to other sources/processes for their Growth Hormone. For the last 20 years GH has been a recombinant biotechnology product manufactured synthetically. It is extremely complex to create involving a chain of 191 interlocking amino acids, resulting in a product that is completely Identical to the Body's own naturally produced GH. Clever stuff - and no dead bodies required....Initially it was produced from filtered ecoli - now It's been synthesized from soya and other natural raw materials

So sleep tight everyone, tonight...

Whose that knocking at the door? - someone wants their pituitary back...

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