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soursop (Graviola or Guanabana) for Fibro, CFS and cancer

My mother just told me that as part of her treatment for fibro - her friend's daughter, who s a doctor herself with fibro for over twenty years now - she takes this brazilian fruit, which you can only order from barcelona - this is in Spain, where i am originally from. I seems they send you the inside of the fruit, frozen and it has a very powerful medicinal properties. It helps fatigue and muscle pain.

My mother is going to order some for me to try, although she is concerned with how she's going to send it over here if it is frozen. There's a chance they can send it here to Cornwall, which would be great!!!

My mother's got arthritis and she privately get laser and radiofrequency, which she says after a few treatments you don't feel a thing. the nhs uses radiofrequency for arthitis but not laser and they don't use any of the two for fibro pain. My mother is obviously not happy with the treatment i am receiving from the nhs, as in Spain, unfortunately the pubic sector doesn't seem to have any real treatment for fibro - they only give you drugs for the pain and to get to sleep and that's basically it. i am trying the injections soon from the pain clinic but you can only have them in a specific place, you can't have them all over your body. They are basically not used for widespread pain.

This lady spends long periods in remission and the only treatment that has worked for her is homeopathic but who knows, it might not be a conventional homeopathic treatment. I honestly don't know but i will try it as soon as I get there hopefully soon. I would try anything to get my life back. I am aware that it may not work or me but it's worth to try.

I am really excited about this fruit and I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried it. You can get it in different forms online on ebay, for instance, but it may not be as good. I mean if in Spain they are getting it only from this particular place it may be that you need to get it in a particular way for it to work. There's supplements and so on but not sure. The fruit they get in Spain, they make ajuice with it and drink two a day one in the morning and one in the evening. i also read the leaves are very god to make tea but you need to get a good distributor. For cancer tea seems to be even better in tea than in juice maybe it's stronger. I think it's definitely good to try. Any thoughts?

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Hi Smily

I'm always interested in anything that might help, particularly if I have never heard of it before (as in this case).

So, I have done a quick google search and I have found that you need to be very careful with this product. Excessive intake can cause an illness that mimics Parkinsons. It's not clear if this is reversable if you then stop using the product, or if the neurological damage is permanent. The cancer-killing research is in early stages, and unproven beyond isolated cells in the laboratory - so there is some potential but as yet it is unproven either way. I couldn't find any mention of using it for fibro.

However, providing you are careful about the quantites, there doesn't seem to be any reason not to try it and see if it helps. Perhaps you will let us know how you get on with it?

I saw that you can buy it from Amazon - is there anything they DON'T sell?!?!

Good luck




I don't think they sell body parts ... Well not real ones ..... But you never know :)


Did you try? what were you looking for? Maybe you shouldn't answer that in public! :-D


Ears... Could only find plastic pointy ones not real pointy ones ... Is determined to turn OH into legolas the elf......


In reading this I wonder if it is a specific vitamin that is helping? Just a thought... A. X


Do you mean the Spock ears from Star Trek? Very fetching! Lol.....


I think you need to speak to your doctor first before trying something 'unknown'....just because it's 'natural' dos't make it safe....lots of things come from nature that are very poisonous so I personnally would be very careful before taking it...especially if you are on medication....


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