is it me or does anyone else just get cold and cant heat up

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  • Hi there, I am always like a fridge lol I feel the cold very bad. Now is the time of the year I really suffer with my hands and feet. I have to put on cotton gloves when taking food out of the freezer !! xx


  • thought it was just me honestly my electric blanket is my best friend xx

  • Morning, ! Yeh i have the same problem, it takes forever to heat back up, Brrrr x


  • Hi this time year .you.ll have to get your. Cosy socks .heating on.warm bottle .hand warmers .try the lot .it is common this time year.good putting heating on now

  • iv had my electric blanket on most of today also my flat is beside the north sea so thought it might be that hahaha

  • Well it sure may have something to do with it living near the North sea lol

  • living in aberdeen is just a joke i get cold all the time even in summer i swear i know this winter is going to be bad i just feel itlol

  • You have my sympathy. I don't know how you manage some of that weather you get In Scotland brrrr :)

  • i was thinking i need to use an hot water bottle most of the day too at this rate coz its just freezing now

  • So do I.I agree. But hubby just says my blood is liquid nitrogen all year round

  • The north sea ha .up north ?

  • well where else haha

  • its Freezing up here, i have to venture out today , Dentist

  • i need to go get my dogs so now i have 2 pair of leggins on and a top and a jumper also will have my jacket ect b****y hate this cold hope your dentsit appointment goes well

  • Yey, so do i , only got the one tho,

    Your attire sounds familiar , :-( :_(

    Take care

    Jane, x

  • Yes! 😢 Although it's a freezing coldness of the skin and not shivering. My skin tingles and stings like I've been out in extremely cold and damp weather. Strangely, my actual hands and feet aren't affected. It's the front of my legs (top to around knee area), buttocks, shoulders, upper back and because I'm stressed today also my arms.

    My heating has been on for a few weeks now. Before fibromyalgia got me, my heating wouldn't usually be on until late Oct/early November.

  • i refuse ot put on my heating coz my flat just stays cold tbh so reasdon why im in bed with elecgtric blanket only thing that helps and my hands keeps going numb too dunno if thats the cold or just fibro xx

  • Ha Ha .it is.cold up there .pitlocky.aviemore.was far enough for me .specially when you get your snow.yes you will have to keep on top heat . Probably coldest in Scotland pity you

  • see how much snow aviemore gets tho da think i could live there like no thanks its bad enough in aberdeen i cant even go to a game coz of my anxiety but if it wasnt that think it would be the cold as i would be dead after 10mins lol

  • Brrrrrr,,

  • Not even with your windows shut and heating on.well electric blanket is answer.might get one gas costing me a Aberdeen turning in to a ghost town or still busy

  • thats all done and heating off as its a waste of money as my neighbours upstairs dont have carpets and the heating doesnt stay heated so bed it its still busy i think im never outside tbh

  • I'm completely the opposite....I can't cool down and look forward to cold weather and especially a cold breeze. My husband uses me as an electric blanket. My fm is better when I'm cooler. Odd eh?! X

  • i think everyone is diffrent tho with fibro as my friend has it too and were both polar diffrent with the pain ect i just wish i could heat up lol i need a holiday

  • I'd like a holiday too, somewhere in the cooler northern hemisphere. I'd love to be able to wear a big puffy coat with scarf boots and gloves.x

  • I holiday good idea .wot country .

  • i really want to visit instabul i love turkey but dont think i could go on a plane atm

  • Is turkey ok was not sure if it's dodgy now .I no some people can't see past it.

  • yeah like my whole family have been going for years they was all over there 3 times this year no problems i love the place im scared of planes atm tho

  • You will get cheap deal afterNew year

  • Must be good never been

  • it is marmaris is sooo good also i love the top bit the beach is nice too and the boat trips are amazing

  • Have a warm night got to go .Am away for a Chinese take away🍲🍜🥗

  • will do bye

  • YES! I am sat with the heating on, dressing gown, fluffy slippers and a blanket! Now days, I feel like I am either really cold or really hot there doesn't seem to be a middle ground! I am always end up layering haha xxx

  • Totally the only way I can warm up is by getting into putting the electric blanket on 3, having a hot shower and then cuddling up with my hot water bottle. Even then often my legs don't get warm they sort of buss with a cold feeling. It is either that or I am boiling hot there seems to be nothing in between.x

  • Time to get the thermal underwear out I think 🤔😃

  • I don't know WHEN I'm getting cold now ~ and when I do it's abject shaking, rattling and rolling 'cold' for anything between 5 and 8 hours ~ so central heating on most of the year, and when in bed, I've a love/hate relationship with my hot water bottle(s) ~ they never seem to stay warm enough, for long enough. Electric blankets aren't things I like, unfortunately. (Yes! It's Scotland again, S.W. as opposed to N.E. - and I'm looking out over the Irish Sea).

    There's no fun in a big puffy coat etc., @Didoliz ~ we have 'lazy' winds up here. They don't go around you, they cut straight through you! 😳 Might look like winter 'pretty as a picture' with/without snow ~ it's not. It's just f-f-f-freezing and eye-watering cold, especially if you're not used to it! 😉❤️️ (Even WHEN you're used to it! ROFL). B xx

  • i think i need to find thermal stuff also wish i could use my hot water bottle outside lol seriously just frozen so bed electric blanket tv and my lavander defuser to help me sleep xx

  • I use thick 'onesies' in bed ~ somehow or other, I don't think that'd quite be your style! 😉❤️️

  • i love a onesie i honestly have got a few i want the new harry potter one from primark hahahaa i just remembered my brother and his gf gave me a teddy that goes in the micro so thats just been done wish i could take it outside with me

  • Heh thermals are great, or Base layers, their great in the winter, legging and long sleeved top to put under the clothes x

  • Odd one for me as with Fibro im often so hot or think i feel it? but with Asperger's(Autism)you don't feel cold as don't process it! but with Raynauds if a chill then im freezing.

    I am cold often too cold but just don't really feel/sense it till too late then can't get warmed up it gets into my back/lungs often and they hurt like!!!

    But often like when in car il open wind as hot then close as cold repeat repeat

  • Hope you are keeping as well as can be today, Sorry to hear that ,

    didnt know that (Aspergers)... interesting.!

    I have Raynauds , This is the beginning off more dreaded agony. !

    Hate the winter ,

    Minus here today,, x

  • Asperger's has some funny quirks!

    Learn't a lot about it from my Adult service center we did classes&groups about it.

    One i found out that many TG have asperger's or vice versa.

    you can go from elation to depression in same sentence!

    Your deemed as a vulnerable person aswell

  • Yip it is absolute freeeeezin,! im not looking forward to going out today,, Thermal tights on today defo ! x

  • is it not like 3 degrees or something here actually just looked it up and it is 3 bloody degrees think i need more chlothes on tbh xx

  • Its colder here , Lanark, Central Scotland ....Hibernation comes to thought !

    Take care x ...

  • Hi, yes I am cold ,and can't seem to get warm at all, and when you're cold it makes your bones ache even more doesn't it??

  • yeah like i cant stay out in too long

  • I used to be freezing all the time until I took supplements to support my mitochondria. I took high dose magnesium, coenzyme q10 and b vitamins. I took the advice of Dr Sarah Myhill. She's a conventional Dr who also does functional medicine. To be honest functional medicine has been the only thing that's helped me.

  • im on more vitemins and that im just always cold

  • I understand. It took me about 8 months on high dose vitamins before I got rid of freezing hands etc. Feet took longer. I had crippling fatigue and brain fog too. Those are gone. I'm still working on building up my immune system but I was ill for over 20 yrs before I did this programme. I was told by one functional Dr it could take me approx 5 years to get alot better after such a long period of illness. Im making slow improvements so will keep going.

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