Fibro Fun Day ... sunday 13th May ... 12 - 5pm

Hi All,

Just want to let you know, that there is a fibro awareness day at kingswood house,seeley drive, west dulwich london SE21 8QN for anyone that is local, The Fibroawareness Charity is holding a funraising and awareness event to help spread the word and raise the profile of Fibromyalgia, the day will be packed with great things for Fibro sufferers and funfilled activities for adults and children. Group support sessions/Relaxation area/ Indian head massage includeing neck, back and shoulders/Hand Masseuse/Physiotherapy sessions for advice,guidance and treatment/food & drink/bouncy castle, face painting and play activities/Live street dance performance & dance workshops includeing "Movement for Fibro"/ stalls, raffle with great prizes/ Live DJ and much much more, there will also be a surprise guest appearance on the day....... Everyone is welcome to come along, and show your support for the FibroAwareness Charity.

Thought i would share this just incase there is anyone local who would like to go, hopefully i will be there all being well and i'm not in to much pain on the day :-) ........ love and gentle hugs xxxxx

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  • sounds wonderfull wish i lived near xxx

  • Ohh hope it does well!! I too far am leeds but going to find local places and when done brain scan i want to try help others more too best i can. I set a group up for diff sufferers to share stories, events etc as i think the more we know the better xxx

  • sounds supper how do we get one up in merrseside please?????

  • Ohh what a shame, i must say this is none of my doing, i got this information put on the entrance to my flats, so i thought i would share it, incase there is anyone local who hasent been told about it. It's the 1st time they have done this in my area what i no of any way. I will put on the links maybe you can get intouch to see if there is any think going on in your area's they may be able to find out for you here are the links ........ ....... Please follow us on TWITTER @letspportfibro ........... Facebook @LetsSupportFibroAwareness ..................................... I hope this helps you :-) xxxxx Good Luck :-)

  • Sounds like it will be a good day and its a shame I dont live in your area. I would defo attend if there was one nearer to home though xx

  • It does sound like it's going to be a good day, i just hope the weather is nice for it, kingswood house is 2 mins from me, its a very old building and looks like a castle from the outside, we call it the castle and has nice grounds also has a library in it aswell has lots of rooms which they rent out for wedding receptions and partys ect, i used to work there in a private nursery before i got my illness'es, so lovely memorys for me, and lots of partys and events spent there :-) xxxxxx

  • Thanks chris xxx :-)

  • Hi woo woo will bwe there in spirit unfortunately i live too far away but wish i lived nearer it sounds like a great day you will have to let us know how it went love diddle x

  • Hi jayjay, whats the nearest station? No tube there is there somewhere to park near there? if I feel well enough I may make it, although I have friends around for a dinner party on the Saturday so may be exhausted on Sunday. Its still quite a way for me as I am in the east end of London.

  • Ohh never mind diddle hun xxx

    Hi fibrodude,

    train ...Sydenham Hill and busses 3 .....322 ..... 450

    from the train station its only 3mins walk to kingswood house, there is parking spaces on and around the estate, i must say there is quite a few steps to get out of the train station :-( which is the down side, for people like us, i can not use the station as i am a wheelchair user :-( but would be lovely to see you if your not to exhausted after your dinner party on the saturday, I do agree with you there it is still quite away from the east end, but if your up to the traveling it sounds like its going to be a good day :-) xxxx

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