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Hi everyone. Introducing me!

After having FM for 3 yrs, I have finally found you!

I am holing down a full time job and want it to stay that way. But my memory is atrocious and my concentration poor. I am constantly making mistakes at work and my boss is taking great delight in picking up on them. No matter how hard I try, I keep missing stuff. I am very teary at the moment too.

Are these FM symptoms? I am really low as a consequence and always tired. I could sleep round the clock for days. Is that typical for other sufferers?

Would love some support and advice

Thanks everyone x

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Hi cazrich

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to our lovely forum there are lots of lovely friendly people here.

Shared experiences can be a massive support to everyone so please do keep sharing.

Please do take a look at our mother site

There is a great deal of useful and informative information.

On the home page you will see pinned posts in blue and topics section underneath.

All of which help with locking your post to the worldwide web and social media.

Also navigation of site guidelines and symptoms and treatments of fibro.

Good luck on your journey my friend


Thank you. Will take a look. Ur great for coming back to me. Take care x


Hi CazRich

Welcome to the forum :)

If you take a look at our mother site you will find a list of Fibromyalgia symptoms on there

I was just wondering if you have already been diagnosed with Fibro or whether you think that you may have it?

If you can come back and let us know which it is, then we will be able to help you further.

Wishing you a peaceful day.

Lu x



Thank you so much for your reply. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago. Didn't believe in it then if I am honest. Felt I was being fobbed off. Where was the pill to make me better. As I come to terms with it, the symptoms are getting worse. Struggling to work. Any help or advice would be great. Caz x


Hi CazRich Welcome to our wonderful forum, I'm sure you will love it and find it invaluable chatting to others who are going through the same as you, at different stages of their lives with fibromyalgia.

You really have come to the right place my friend and I look forward to chatting with you on the forum.

If you are working full time & able to continue, I would suggest you go to this link to give you professional advice.

Hope this helps.

Peace, luv n light

Jan xx


Thank you so much Jan. I really appreciate that. I am suffering at work at the moment and feeling insecure doesn't help when my director is constantly looking for error and enjoys pointing them out. I am convinced my memory and fatigue is heightened due to stress. Trying to find out my rights and look at alternative therapies to help. Is FM classed as a disability?

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Hi hun I'm just going off now but wanted to let you know that Yes it is classed as a disability. Spk tomorrow. You definitely have right hun.

Luv Jan xx


Thank you Jan. I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. Sleep well

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Hello CazRich and a warm welcome to or friendly fibro forum.

I am sorry to hear that your boss is being abusive towards you, because that is what he is doing. Bullying in the workplace must be taken seriously, are you able to complain to anyone higher up in the company? Are you in a Union?

I understand that you want to stay in work but is there a possibilty of reducing your hours a little or making a change to your workstation, an ergonomic chair or keyboard for instance?

FM is recognised by the DWP but as there are different levels of fibro it cannot be classed automatically as a recognised disability, although obviously if your mobility etc is very poor it could be assessed as such.

Memory and fatigue can be affected by stress and the harder you try the more frustrating it is to keep making mistakes. The dreaded fibro fog always seems to catch us out at the worst times :)

Do you have a few days holiday due where you can completely relax and recharge your batteries?

I do hope you manage to sort something out very soon as it is unfair to expect you to carry on as you are.

Looking forward to seeing you around the forum.



Jan you need to go and see access to work!


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