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Water lot of fun

Last night I went along to my local leisure centre and did an aqua tone class. I went with a friend. We got there a little late due to the traffic so I couldn't talk to the instructor beforehand. About 5 minutes into the class I was able to tell her I have FM. I'm glad I did, she kept an eye on me and gave me alternative exercises to do when the rest of the class did something a bit tricky. I won't say I found it easy but it was fun.

This morning I woke up after 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep...amazing! Normally I wake up at least twice. I am aching a bit more than normal, which isn't fun. I'm so glad I took the plunge and I'm going again next week.

Gentle hugs Xx

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Sounds like great fun.. Was the water warm?

Piggie hugs xxxxxx


How wonderful water is so relaxing! xgins


It was great fun piggie, and I was surprised the water was warm.


Well done for taking the plunge!! If you go regularly then I am sure you will find it helpful and it will get easier -- i find gentle exercise (yoga is my fave)always helps me sleep well. keep it up :) x


I used to do Aquarobics regulary, not sure I could haul myself up the steps at the side of the pool nowadays so I haven't gone swimming in a couple of years :-( I do miss it.

Julie xx


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