I am new here, old and falling to pieces

Hello. I have ME/CFS and Hypothyroidism thought I had Fibromyalgia but now being tested for Polymyalgia. If I have Polymyalgia do I have to take steroids and if it is Fibromyalgia will the steroids work. Very anti Medicines as react badly and they all seem to have side effects. Sorry to be so negative sounding and thank you for listening.

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  • I know someone who had Polymyalgia and had been in tremendous pain with real stiffness problems. She went on a course of steroids which were slowly tapered off and they were like a miracle.

    I think the majority of people aren't on steroids if they have fibro alone. As fibro is a long term condition often steroids aren't prescribed as they can start to cause other side effects the longer they are taken.

    I am like you with many meds as pain killers like Tramadol make me really ill as do antidepressants. Cocodamal and Pregablin have been ones I can tolerate but the Pregablin again is quite a low dose. When you know exactly what your are tackling I think you will have a better idea of the way to go with the help of your GP and perhaps a Pain Clinic. Remember treatments like hydrotherapy and acupuncture can be a great help. Good luck with everything let us know how you get on.x

  • Thank you so much

  • Polymyalgia is caused by inflammation so they prescribe steroids, but fibro doesn't cause inflammation so i don't think steroids would work. For fibro

  • Welcome to the FMAUK community flicka ! :)

    You've landed in a great place for support and advice from many members whether they have just signed up to the community or have been a senior contributor. We all live with Fibromyalgia 24/7 even the Admin and try to share our experiences to hopefully help others or we signpost you to external resources from the internet that may provide you support too.

    Have you seen our mother site yet? fmauk.org It has a wealth of helpful information about Fibromyalgia and the work FMAUK do to support the Fibro community.

    I wondered as you mention Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) whether this post may be of interest to you, link below;


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  • Hi

    I have Polymyalgia a and the only treatment is Steroids their is no other treatment

    Be careful as blood markers are not always raised

    Suggest you look on Healthcare unlooked site


    Its life changing but managed correctly and looking after yourself should burn itself out between 2 to 6 years .

  • What is the difference between fibromyalgia and polymyalgia ?

  • This link should help explain....


  • Interesting read thus far I have to say

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