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I don't think I've actually written an actual blog post despite having been a member for a while. But then maybe I have, my memory is what I forget with.

So I'm almost 41, I live with my elderly parents and my Mother acts as my carer and helps me do all the things I can't do for myself or can't do at all in some cases. More often than nowt the latter unfortunately.

I was positively diagnosed with Fibro roughly nine years ago if I remember correctly by two Rheumy specialist while attending a regular appointment about my RA.

I've had RA for around 13 years now, around 10 years since the hospital confirmed it, I've also have IBS since my early twenties. I was born with congenital spinal deformities which weren't discovered until my teens when they began to adversely affect me.

Just last month I was also told I have Carpal Tunnel in both my hands/wrists as well. Well it had been almost 9 years since I had another condition added so I was probably long overdue.

I now have to use two comfy crutches to stand let alone walk any distance. I used one regular crutch for about a decade prior to being upgraded due to personally downgrading so to speak.

So I think that covers everything, but then again I probably have forgotten something, fibro fog is not my bosom buddy regardless of how it has adhered itself to my person. I have a lot of physio to do daily for my various health issues and an OT determined to add to it 'for my own good' because it will heal me apparently.

I also have to take 5 different prescription medications adding up to over 20 tablets a day. Thankfully the Scottish Government abolished charges a couple of years ago it was getting more than a little expensive even with a pre-paid yearly certificate.

Fun all around really.

Glad to be aboard, so to speak.


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hi and welcome on here or back if you think you were here before lol at least you sound like you have agreat family network that help you that is always a plus i too have a good caring family you take care and come back soon if you can remember how to get here lol it like all of us that fibro fog is awful at times who am i ??? love to you diddle x


Hi Lesley-Ann

Welcome anyway :) Sounds like you're having a rotten time healthwise. Glad you have your family to care for you.

Glad your OT thinks a lot of daily physio with heal you. What do you think about that?

I have fibro although not as bad as most people here and I've got IBS and RLS, an underactive thyroid and osteoarthritis. I'm very lucky, I'm still able to work but it's hard.


Sue xxx


Morning Sue,how`s the eye doing hun.I`ve been up all night.Going doodly all tat I am lol ;-)p


Oh no Jayne, I'm sorry to hear that hun. Was it the pain? Daft question I guess.

My eye is slowly, improving thank you for asking. It's driving me mad though cos it's half closed and everything is blurry and it itches like mad lol.

Love and soft hugs xxx


HI lesley ann,

Sorry i must of missed this yesterday,

Its lovely to meet you and loof forward to chatting soon. :)

take care, kel xxxx


Thanks for all the responses I've been a bit busy and actually forgot that I even posted a blog. Fibro Fog I tell you it's the pits!!


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