I am sleepy every second of my life

Hello. I haven't been diagnosed with fibro, I'm just posting here because maybe someone can relate or help me. What could cause me to be sleepy every single second? I've got a positive rheumatoid factor of 450 and IgM of 3.1 and calprotectin of 90. I am going back and forth to the hospital for evaluation of a potential rheumatological disease, but I cannot understand how any disease can make one sleepy 24/7 to the point where functioning is not possible. I'm only 20 years old and a male, possibly a bit underweight.

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  • Its called chronic fatigue syndrome and is a consequence of having fibro. I suffer terribly from CFS also. I will give you an example. So last night i sleep ten hours. Get up this morning and within an hour im back in bed and sleep four hours. Even when im awake i get so fatigued that like you i cannot function. Best wishes. 💜

  • The answer is probably lots of things. Rheumatoid arthritis causes fatigue, various deficiencies do, so does fibromyalgia. It was my sleeping patten that caused the pain clinic where I was being treated for hip and back problems to refer me back to a rheumatoligist who diagnosed fibromyalgia. You need to be persistent. Because fatigue is a common complaint it can easily be dismissed. I'd mentioned it several times to doctors and a previous rheumatoligist - it took the pain clinic physio to really listen and recognise that there was something wrong with a sleep pattern v similar to the one ABC111 has described.

    Good luck with getting a diagnosis.

  • You could also have sleep apnea... ask your dr for a referral to be checked out. If you sleep well then your body does recoup better...

    Medications and so many factories as mentioned .

    Healing love and light x

  • I don’t have fibro myself, whereas my mum does, she’s currently going through a bad flare up, where the CFS is a big factor, the key is when you do find your energy coming back not to go all in on working yourself too much try to pace yourself and preserve the energy more x

  • If you feel you are a bit underweight, is there a possibility you are not getting the minerals and vitamins you need through not eating a balanced diet. Even if you are eating enough calories, you may still be lacking in for instance, B vitamins, such as B12 and B6, D and others. Perhaps a visit to your GP would be a good idea to mention your fatigue and ask for a blood test to check your levels of certain vitamins and minerals.

  • Thanks for the replies everyone. I did consider sleep disorders and had a home test for sleep apnea done which turned out to be fine. I've had vitamins and minerals checked several times but I'm checking that again. I also have had thyroid checked multiple times, with all the necessary tests and it's still fine (thyroid issues run in the family). I'm checking thyroid again as last time only T3 was elevated. I do think I'm underweight (but there are no deficiencies in vitamins and minerals) as I am 20 and weigh about 56 kg according to the weight at home. I eat more than everyone in my family but still cannot seem to gain any weight. I've posted several times on healthunlocked, so feel free to look at my other posts if you think more information could give an idea of what this might be. I agree that pacing oneself and taking it easy is something everyone has to do, but I'm a student and I really need to do work, but I am finding it impossible to even read my textbooks as I'm constantly wishing I could sleep and just lie down and do nothing.

  • I feel like that too even with Nuvigil which is supposed to combat sleepiness so here's my suggestion. See if you have the Epstein Barr virus. I do and I've been trying to rest to make it go dormant. As far as I know there's no other treatment. Well maybe less stress. This probably doesn't help, does it. Wishing you a solution. Heavy eyed in USA

  • As the others have said above it could be one of many things. Have you been tested for Lupus? Im not a medic. Just that if you are underweight/losing weight this can be a symptom. It was that and the tiredness that flagged Lupus up for my daughter and indeed she does have it.

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