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Raspberry Ketones and Fibromyalgia - Warning!


I have been using the rasp ketones for about a month. I have lost weight BUT I am also experiencing worsening fibromyalgia symptoms (neck pain, hand pain, jaw pain and headaches). Nothing much has changed in my life except taking these diet supplements and I'm wondering if they are actually causing me to feel poorly. Prior to taking these I felt that eating properly (wheat free, high protein and lots of raw veg) was helping me a lot. I also exercise (bike or walk) at least three times per week and have gradually increased so I can manage an hour at a time. Once taking the supplements I kept eating the same things but began to skip meals where before I'd feel a real low if I did so. My pain has increased so much that I'm now scared to exercise as normal for fear of increasing pain. I wonder if not being able to properly digest protein or not getting enough protein has inhibited my body's ability to repair muscles and beat fibro. I am going to stop taking them. Would be interested to hear others thoughts on this. They appear to be widely advertised as great for fibro sufferers. Now I'm not so sure.

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Hi I started using them a fortnight ago and the weight loss is remarkable I must admitt I havent had the pain you describe this is my second attempt using them. They are expensive once over offer month

Hi there, how expensive are they, and where do u get them from, my daughter could really do with something to help her......thank you in advance....Dee x

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Whatever you do, don't order Nutriberrry Slim Rasp Ketones or any other related product. It is a HUGE SCAM. I thought I was paying £4 postage. They stole £150 out of my bank account and now I have to close my account to stop them doing it again.

Dee the first lot just cost you postage and the next they just withdraw it from your account. Not sure but I know the first bit was £4.99, Yes it does work, Are you on face book well it is endorsed by Dawn French.

you can get them from health shop holland and barret dont join up from their website its a rip off and difficult to close the account and they still take payment from your bank !!

Are these safe for diabetics though?? I have tried them once and didn't see any weight loss or anything!! XX

Dear All,

This was a recent post from a fellow member trying the Rasberry Ketones who experienced worsening symptoms.


Articles over the internet are asking people to read the fine print on the raspberry ketone bottle.This information has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, nor has it gone through the rigorous double-blind studies required before a particular product can be deemed truly beneficial or potentially dangerous and prescribed in the treatment of any condition or disease

Supplements such as these are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, unlike medications, which undergo rigorous testing. The bottom line: Buyer beware.

Plus a gentle reminder that it is also advisable to consult your GP about any complementary medication you are considering taking in case it has the potential to interact with other prescribed medication.

My personal opinion is no research of benefit for Fibro symptoms = means I am not willing to try to find out (if taking for other reasons and you are happy you have checked with the relevant people regarding your medical history & medication interactions, I wish you the best of luck) It's not for me though!

Please be as safe as possible with any new treatment of any kind.

Best Wishes


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P.S Any further information I receive from our Information Manager I will post in due course.. :)

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Mdaisy, I just found out that the company who sent me this 'free trial' are actually scammers and have taken £150 from my account (and would continue to do so on a monthly basis if I did not realise). They are totally bogus. Customer services are rude on phone and give out bogus addresses for returns and bogus email address. I will have to close my bank account because they have all my bank details. Please, please warn people not to fall for this! See dietpillswatchdog.com/nutri...

There is also a lot of information online on negative effects of these pills. People with fibro should avoid them. Please help spread the word.


Thanks Mdaisy for comment. I just wanted to warn people that they may not be the miracle weight loss drug we might all like. Well you might lose a few pounds but I personally don't think it's worth worsening my fibro for that. I'm not very overweight anyway. Better just keep doing what I was doing, eating healthily and exercising and be happy with myself. Hope some other folk will think the same way :)

And thanks also to Gins for comment about them withdrawing second month automatically from your account. I did not realise that and I will have to go to my bank to cancel!!!


Further to the above I just realised that for my 'free trial' the company took £150 out of my account!!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. IT IS A TOTAL SCAM AND THE STUFF IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. Google negative effects of raspberry ketones and you'll see tons. And for all the people who've been scammed by this already see


I too fell for the supposed Dawn French Facebook web endorsement for Ketone Advanced and Nutra Coffee Cleanse around November 2013 - there are at least two branding variations around it seems. I only gave the pills a couple of day they make me feel a bit strange so I stopped. I’ve been stressed out with work and the large debits from my bank have only come to light too embarrassed to say the final amount before I discovered and contacted the bank though a fortune. My daughter with the same initial at Uni gets loads of parcels and we thought they were for her as I wasn’t expecting any deliveries – I’ve sent story to BBC Rip Off Britain who are looking at this. CAB and ASA are overwhelmed and resources can’t cope so they are unable to treat these case by case. I have referred to Police Fraud so the scale is understood by authorities. MISLEADING web site is an understatement. All the bottles have been sent back and I'm still chasing refund. Current link on Facebook now involving Natalie Cassidy poor thing probably has no idea she's involved.

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