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Hello I'm new to this group I think I may have fibromyalgia.my partner has just gone through the symptoms on the internet and 6 out of 8 of them are me I've been going to my gps for some time now I've been given several different medications but none seen to work I've always been fit and health,I was diagnosed in 2014 with h.a.v.s hand arm vibration syndrome so suffer wth numbness,pins and needles neck pain in the hands arm neck lower back for the last 3-4 months I've had sharp chest pain depression leg twitches not sleeping not eating sometimes I go days without eating because I just don't want food my doctor has never mention fibromyalgia but there is a n uncanny resemblance to the symptoms of this,has anyone any advice on what to do next I'm at the end of my tether and it's just bringing me down more and more thanks

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Not sure your age but could be due to injury also.av have seen this in people close to me..slipped disk in your spine..or disks can clash happened to my mam..she gets pins and needles numbness twitches in legs..cronic pain.shakes in arms hands etc

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I would ask your GP for a referral to Rheumatology so they can investigate further. Symptoms can go on for years without being diagnosed which makes it harder to deal with as you don't actually know what's wrong. The faster you get a diagnoses the quicker you can start dealing treating the problem.

Good luck πŸ˜€


I was seen by muskoskelatel specialist

Who diagnosed, and tested me for another auto immune disease

Now under Rheumatologist

Ask for referral

Good luck πŸ€

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Yes, you really need a referral to a Rheumatologist who will order a raft of blood tests prior to seeing you. It's essential to rule out other conditions such as B12 deficiency, anaemia. The Rhematologist can then determine whether it is fibro or one of the other conditions he/she deals with.


Honestly, dont keep searching for a diagnosis. It could be a number of things all of which would have the same symptoms. Ask your gp to refer you to a rheumatologist. They will tell you their thoughts. Also there are simple ways to diagnose your suspisions yourself, by pressure testing. Google the pressure test and it should tell you what to do.

I hope you find the answer soon..

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I agree ask for referral to Rheumatology meanwhile ask GP to check your Vit D, Iron, B12 & Folate levels plus if you are hypothyroid ask GP to check full thyroid panel not just TSH (this groups sister site Thyroid UK can advise on that), is there a chance you may have been bitten by a tick as this can lead to Lyme disease and GP can also check for that if its suspected.

I had to give up my career last year due to chronic pain/poor memory (2 of fibro symptoms) I was diagnosed in 2016 with fibromyalgia after 10mths of pain which could not be attributed to any other cause my GP checked my bloods and found I had severe iron and vit D deficiency and promptly started me on supplements but these did not resolve the problems and I was on high doses of pain meds plus antidepressants, I also started to gain weight which was not helpful.

I simply could not function properly with daily tasks let alone a responsible job (I was a nurse), I changed my diet in case it was intolerances affecting me (I went vegan/vegetarian) and after much reading and research I discovered there are links between poorly controlled thyroid function (can give similar symptoms to fibro), gut imbalance caused by overgrowth of yeast in the bowel (can interfere with absorption of vitamins/mineral in bowel) and medication that suppresses acid in the stomach (this can stop some medications/vitamins/mineral being effectively absorbed), so 6mths ago after discussion with GP I started taking magnesium (helps muscle pain), vit C 1000mg (helps iron absorb) vit b12 sublingual lozenges (helps improve nerve function and memory problems) which dissolve under the tongue.

The result has been absolutely fantastic, I have greatly reduced pain meds I am almost weaned off antidepressants my memory has greatly improved, my weight has gone back down and I hope to start retraining for a new career this year.


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