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Confused with diagnosis

I'm totally confused with my diagnosis. My daughter has Fibromyalgia and my symptoms are exactly the same as my daughters. I saw my GP about this and her reply was ""you probably have got it", and that was it.

Because of my other complexed health issues, it's hard to get any yes or no's, or I ask my GP is there any tests that I could have to confirm that I've got Fibromyalgia, she told me that the pointers in my blood suggests that I've do have it.

If you have read my last post that I've posted, you would know that I'm waiting to see a neurosurgeon for my hand. (It's actually travelled to my shoulder. I also suffering with both ankles (one is worse than the other), and also my spine/neck (Arthritis and Lumbar facet joint diease). I can't do anything anymore as I hurt especially if I was going to do anything like shopping. On a Friday my carer and I go out shopping and although I'm in a wheelchair I will still put things in the trolley as my carer pushes it I'm wheeling around myself. On Saturday I can't do absolutely nothing, I'm incoherent, my hands go into a spasm and looks disjointed, i hurt really badly. By Sunday, I'm just coming around.

This happens exactly as the same as my daughters. What do you think? Have I got it or not?? There is a link to Lupus (my mum has this), could it be that as everything is linked.

I'm open to any suggestions

Kind regards to all


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Hey Teanna

Sorry to hear that you are frustrated as you don't seem to be getting anywhere. Unfortunately as we aren't qualified doctors we cannot confirm that you have it but we all share a lot of similar symptoms so if you have a lot of things in common with your daughter it is possible.

Unfortunately, Fibro seems to be diagnosed as they don't know what else to tell us we have! It is very hard to get a definite answer; but my advice would be to keep pushing for answers!

Hope you feel better soon; and keep us in the loop with your journeys ♥️🌻


Hi I'd say the same the same as Daniellegemma you have to push for a diagnosis so you know what your dealing with x


Thank you all,

My trouble is (doctors quote), I'm too complexed. So they give me more pills etc, and some works for some of my health issues, the rest do nothing. And having APS, Under active Thyroid, RSD, and many more, but as I have said b4, my daughter has Fibromyalgia and my mum with lupus, (3-5 of us has under active Thyroid, (I've recently found more of my family has Thyroid problems.

All I want at this present time is my hand/shoulder plus the thyroid and APS lastly have it have I not got osteoporosis (my go has given me the medication, but I'm not going to take it until I know,? HELP!!!!!

I will give you an update as soon as I know what's going on.

Again thank you all that's given and listened to me having a moan, sorry !!


Hi all,

Happy new year for 2018.

Update, I now got 3 appointments next week, the neurologist, the pain management team and I'm having a nerve induction test (I'm not sure whether it's to do with my hand or numbness that I have below the Knees). I don't know if this is caused by the bad circulation in my legs or something else. The nerve induction test I would of thought would be adequate for both hands and legs, but when I received an appointment that came not long before Christmas, I did not know who this was arranged by, but it's very confusing. Because of this numbness in my legs, (sometimes it gets so bad that I can't l feel my feet on the ground especially the right leg), now the left leg I have RSD, their now saying it's in my hands, as well as the swelling of the tendon and the lump and the 2 end fingers are constantly numb to touch but inside it hurts with continuous pins and needles. But right leg is the worse for the numbness and when I'm in the wheelchair my carer has to ask me if my foot is on the floor as I don't and can't feel where it is at times. And with my mum having Lupus and CIPD, my daughter having fibromyalgia with another nerve condition,. My other daughter has under active thyroid, so has my brother.

I'm so much in pain, but I made myself a promise and to find out what is going on, I can't handle this no longer (as I've said in previous messages I've put on here. I apologise if I go over the same things, but it's the only way I can get it off my chest (if you know what I mean).?

Again I wish everyone a better New Year.



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