Hi I have recently been diagnosed with vitamin d and folic acid deficiency and am taking prescription supplements. At my appointment 2 months ago it was mentioned that I could possibly have fibromyalgia. I have been back to my GP today as my pain was getting worse. The GP has now told me it is fibromyalgia and has given me tram adolescents for the pain and I am to go back in 8 weeks. The thing is surely a GP can't diagnose fibromyalgia! So do I say I have it or not? I am totally confused!

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  • It was my GP who diagnosed me from all the symptoms and the lack of other causes such as RA which he had done blood tests for. Many on the forum have been diagnosed by their GP but others have had confirmation from a rheumi.x

  • Hi thank you for your reply, how long did it take to get your diagnosis? As I feel mine has been made too quickly

  • Yes my GP diagnosed me too but then sent me to a rheumatologist to confirm it, have you had lots of blood tests to rule out other things? If you're not happy you could ask to be referred to a rheumatologist

  • Hi Arly67 - yes, a GP can diagnose fibro BUT they should definitely have done lots of other tests to rule out other things first. Have you had other tests done? I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist - but he didn't do any other tests apart from the 18 tender-point test. I later found out he should have done much more so I've been pushing my doc for those tests too ever since. Please do make sure you've had everything else ruled out first - I'm afraid some docs label us with fibro rather too quickly.

  • I had every blood test possible when my problems first started but that's all, what tests should I be having?

  • Well, it sounds like you've probably had them then. I don't recall exactly what tests I (eventually) got done as it's been over a very long period of time. They try to rule out other things which might be causing pain such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Have you seen a rheumatologist to have those tests? Either way, as someone else here says, it might be a good idea to ask your doctor to refer you to a rheumatologist just to make sure.

  • I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year but I didn't think it was accurate as I felt they just jumped on it as an explanation. To cut a long story short, I researched and found that some people are misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia who actually have an underactive thyroid. This was interesting as I have had that for 20 years. I joined the thyroid forum too and learnt so much. This led me to have private blood tests that revealed I had deficiencies in vitamin b12 and vitamin D as well as folate. They often go hand in hand and b12 deficiency is often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia. My GP was dismissive so I had to take action and self medicate. I have gone from using two crutches, (on a good day) to a walking stick and I can walk a little without it, my brain fog has lifted a bit and I'm sleeping better, less pain, less stiffness etc.

    If your GP has not checked your b12 levels or tells you it is fine, check it yourself. I had mine done privately because not only would my GP do it again, but he didn't consider my b12 level as low when it was. They don't really know much about it. If it's under 500 you are definitely deficient and it really needs to be about 1000.

    I mention all this as you say you are deficient in vitamin D and folate already, so a b12 deficiency may be on the cards too. I don't know if I have fibromyalgia or not, but I know that treating for these 3 main deficiencies has improved my health significantly.

    Sorry for long reply! :-)

  • Hi Arly67

    I can see that you have had your question answered so I will simply and genuinely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi arly..😊

    Ask ur doctor to send u to a rhumatologyst as he is the one who can confirm for definate if u have fribro..good luck..😊. Xx

  • Hi Arly... Like you, I was a little dubious about my Fibromyalgia diagnosis. I was convinced I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, as my Mum has it too & she had a diagnosis when she was only in her easrly forties. We also have a lot of Auto-immune illnesses/disorders in the family, so RA seemed like a good fit for all my symptoms.

    My GP referred me to a Rheumatologist, as she had done quite in depth blood tests but nothing really flagged up & because of my family history, a Rheumatologist seemed like the logical next step. It was the Rheumatologist that diagnosed Fibromyalgia, after in-depth blood tests cleared me of all the main illnesses that were causing my symptoms. If you are confused, ask your GP for a referral to confirm.

    I was interested in what you have said about your vitamin D & Folic Acid deficiencies. I have just discovered that I am deficient in B12 & Folates... but this has never been a problem before now & my Fibromyalgia was diagnosed 8 years ago. I am wondering if maybe the vitamin deficiency may be a symptom of Fibromyalgia, given that I too have suddenly become deficient! I am no expert & would be interested to see what others thought about this, as LtAngua52 has said that her Fibromyalgia/symtoms have improved since treating the deficiencies.

    I am lucky as my GP is always very thorough & checks everything regularly, particularly my Thyroid. Fibro is quite a 'confusing' illness, as there are so many symptoms. There is lots of help & support out there & this forum is excellent... we are not alone... :)

  • Hi Rainbow chaser, I have had treatment for the deficiencies and because I was not feeling any better, this led to the fibro diagnosis. I have read online that vit d deficiency can be a sign of fibromyalgia. I hope you are well and thanks for your reply

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