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Crawl to the doc?

I over estimated myself yesterday . That makes a first some would say.

As my dog had to be pts in January, I thought I could walk someone else's dog for them.

I had answered an ad, and the family live VERY close to field where the dog likes to be let off his lead & run around.

Also, it wasn't to be very regular, only now & then when they couldn't take him with them.

His recall is wonderful. So, whilst he's a strong dog (a working Cocker Spaniel) I felt it would be ok as I didn't have to go very far at all, before I could let him off. So trial walk ok yesterday.

How WRONG could I have been!?

When I needed the loo in the night, I nearly fell on the floor.!

Had to take some paracetamol.

This morning is awful. Back, pelvis, thighs, feet! I can barely walk! Just from a very short walk to a field. The dog WAS VERY strong, but I managed him ok, and I thought it would be ok now & then. but Such pain this morning just from that short walk.

Obviously not.

So, I had an appointment for a blood test this morning, I am not going to manage to get there.

I am so lost without my own little dog. No motivation. No little companion.😢

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Morning Sweetie,

Firstly I am so sorry, I had my gorgeous Diesel PTS on the 1st January this year and the ache I still feel is unreal. I looked after a puppy last week and it made it even worse!

I'm so sorry that you're in the pain, I can understand how you feel. I wonder if it's because it's a shock to your body? Not sure how much exercise you have been doing after your poor dog; but maybe it was a little bit of a shock to your system and after a few times it will get better? I always try and walk as it seems to loosen things up but I do suffer the first few times xxx

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poor you, big hugs xx

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So sorry to hear that we lost our family dog 2years ago heartbreaking. HOpe you are resting the fact you went out and gave it a go with the walking but then end up worse off for doing it so frustrating. Hope your family looking after you I'm on a duvet day friend took day off to do something nice with me ended up sitting with me brought me choccie roses I'll fell like I've let her down but she's a star and tries to tell me not to beat myself up .im hoping your pain will ease off a little would like a dog but hubbie says no at the moment mite when he retires early they do lift you but I need someone to do the walking if I couldn't so for now will have to wait . I've been watching the dog rescusers on tv because they show you the happy endings and the marvelous work people do to help. This week there was a lady 98 walked dogs for the RSPCA bless . Xxxx


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