Pip saga continues

Hi guys, oh God what a chuckle today is

The pip saga continues to make me laugh. Daily living 4 points. Mobility 2points.and no health professionals contacted.

Mandatory reconsideration done on phone, I told them of this. No comment but they now know I mean business. Going to back it up with a letter, when I get there letter saying I didn't get pip. Sent on the 17th now 30th no letter.

I'll let you know how the saga unfolds


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  • I absolutely hate dealing with them, I'm waiting for letter sent out, I really don't think our post is (that) bad, it's definitely them

  • Hi, it's like there attitude OMG can you imagine speaking to someone like that in any other job.

    You'd get the sack.

    Fortunately I know the law and regulations very well.

    Let us know how you get on 🌻🌻🌻

  • Good for you you've gotta stand your ground with them I'm just about to apply for the higher component of mobility with pip I'm expecting probs ! Someone put an article on here last night it says they only pass 1 in 5 people on assessment unbelievable !! Hope you get yours sorted

  • Hi, thanks for the support I'm gonna fight to the death. Lol they haven't met craig yet. But will know my fury

    Go online do the mock test. See how you score and familiarise yourself with all the questions and points scored for each one.

    Good luck 🌻🌻🌻

  • Your welcome we should all support each other :0) I wouldn't wanna argue with you lol, I didn't know there was an online test? My mobility has got a lot worse since my last assessment 2, years ago it was my cpn nurse who suggested I apply for the higher rate of mobility I sort of didn't wanna rock the boat its not like me but I'm all battled out if you know what I mean ? But I could do with more money to rent a mobility scooter as things have gotten so bad I can hardly walk so my nurse wrote to them telling them I needed the higher rate I had to chase it up after7wks they saide oh we will send you a form so I'm filling it in on Mon with my nurse I'm dreading the whole thing :0/ so where do I see thus test plz ? :0)

  • Unfortunately there is no link. But it's C-app pip test.

    It's great as you can get the gist of the questions and scores. Anything else just ask 🌻🌻🌻

  • Found it and done it Thanks

  • Type PIP assessment in browser and some where a link will come up to take the test

    If you have a CPN she will be well experienced in completing application self assessment not really helpful as it depends how you view things.

    But have a look and see how you can answer them .

    Please also be aware that it is possible for you to lose the awared you already have .

    Fingers crossed you have a good outcome


  • Thankyou rose,yes that's what worries me that I might loose money,not because I'm not worse but because this system they use it dosent seem to be fair etc

  • It is a different benefit to the old DLA and lots has changed just think about the help you need In day to day life .

    List any aids you have to help you in doors or out and if you wear clothes to make things easier for example

    I wear slip on shoes as unable to bend to put shoes on also use a long handled shoe horn but on a very bad day which happens 4 or 5 days a week I am not able to wear shoes at all due to being in so much pain it prevents me wearing shoes at all .

    Just give a lot of detail

    I expect you CPN has completed lots so no problems

  • I did the mock one, enhanced on both, I did it again and answered less questions, still enhanced on both.

    I also had others see my forms etc, they've said enhanced on both.

    I rang decision have said standard care enhanced mobility.

    My physical mental health means I cannot worry for a yr to appeal.

    I had for life DLA award, which then changed to indefinite award, now a few yrs award very unfair they keep changing things

  • Yes keeping changing it all makes things more stressful :0/

  • They just try and save money

    Go for it 🌻🌻🌻

  • Where do I see this test please?

  • C-app pip test

    Let me know 🌻🌻🌻

  • Is this the points form they fill in when they assess you?

  • No

  • Yes, all the questions are correct.

    At my assesment I knewwitch order they were coming word for word 🌻🌻🌻

  • Hi

    What you really need to have done is requested full details of assessment before you requested mandatory reconsideration.

    You would have then been able to put a better case forward as would be able to have gone into more detail of what you disagree with and why.

    By just requesting it over the phone they will look at it again and I would be most surprised if anything was changed by them.

    If you click on my name and scroll down you will find a post that is the manual for PIP assessors and protocol they follow for assessments

    long winded I know but you may find some things that where not carried out as they should have been .

    Also explains how they asses you .

    Hope it helps

  • Yes but the wait for mandatory reconsideration is at 4 to 9 weeks, so I thought I'd do that by phone first. Then by letter. So there warned now that I know about the health professionals not being informed. In the hope it rings a bell so they reconsider. It's a long shot but you never know.tribunerals cost money they know that. And they also know I'd win. So let's play the game and see. 🌻🌻🌻

  • The application states we may seek further evidence if we need to not that they will .

    If they request information from you GP they have to pay for it so often they do not do this .

    If you have a health professional its a good idea to get them to complete the section on the form about any other information.

    In my experience its more often Support Workers ,CPNs Care Managers that get a phone call requesting clarification of a point over the phone and often this does not happen .

  • My argument is, they had ample evidence that was a phone call away. And they chose not to gather that evidence. So stating that they have all the evidence to make an assesment discision Is a false and untrue declaration.

  • Good luck with that

    Be interesting how it goes

    Please let us know the outcome

  • Does the decision letter say" based on the evidence we have- we have decided ". The decision maker ultimately makes the decision based upon evidence YOU supply.

    Still worth asking them to consider overturning the decision. Poppy flower girl, makes good sense.

  • I have a terrible memory an my brain is so foggy most the time :0/

  • Like one day I'll wanna fight another day I'll just wanna cry I'm just dreading it on top of having major surgery in Oct :0/

  • Make sure you request a copy of the assessment report as this is crucial in order to put your point across to match your needs to the descriptors. You need to know what the assessor has said in order to point out what they have marked you down on and for you to argue what descriptors apply to you. Good Luck. M x

  • Can you apply for stuff if you work full time.

  • Universal credit if your on a low income

  • I just looked at the pip assessment on the CAB site. When I looked at the points it added up to 28 does that mean anything.

  • That's a pass

  • Yes but I work full time so will I be able to get any help.

  • You can apply ,as it not a means-tested tested Benifit, wether you work or not. It not your disability, but how it affects you daily life.

  • Bobby16 you can apply for PIP even though you work full time as it is not means tested. It is to do with how your conditions affect you. M x

  • My experience with these tests were not really valuable, as it seems every time I completed one, it said that I should be entitled to enhanced rate for both. The questions didn't seem the same as the real form.

    Craigtarot66,good luck. You seem determine to "fight". It does seem as though a LOT of people are being turned down. Did you have a home assessment or go to one of the centers?

  • Hi, the original form was irelavant on the day of the assesment.

    The asseser didn't know the info on it at all. However the questions on the mock test were asked in order that I'd seen.

    the information on the original form will form a basis for my appeal.

    I will quickly adentify the fact it was not taken into consideration, when the final discision was made

  • Craig tarot 66, what do you mean "the questions on the mock test were the same as you'd seen"?,( on the original.?) Perhaps the test online I'd taken,was different , but I felt that although there were similarities, the were" asking" " in a way that would score you highly. Just the way I saw it.

    Totally agree with you, when you say the decision was made without consideration of the assesers report.

    Although I'm not sure how much the law says they have to do so when making their final decision. Have you gotten in touch with CAB, in my experience, theyou are very experienced in DWP issues. Always worth getting professional help,maybe your GP?

    More evidence to backup your claim all the better.

    (Hope my question doesn't read as rude!) X

  • I'm at the 6 week physio for fibromyalgia currently. I've got Raynaud's as well that affect my left hand and two feet.i got spondylosis of the neck. Maybe I'll go to CAB to help me with the forms thanks

  • Hi Bobby 16, I would definitely recommend you go to the CAB. Ring soon,as they are usually very busy,if you get an appointment near to the time of the form needing sent back, just call DWP &ask for more time (they usually give another two weeks) also return form to DWP by recorded delivery,it's worth every penny, I know two people whom didn't do so,& DWP said they didn't receive theirs back.

    Good luck Bobby

  • Hi Craig,

    I would love to add to the list if that helps? I worked for CAB for a while, mainly dealing with PIP as my son is disabled. I went through the DLA twice and PIP once, failed the PIP and then went to MR. I know that they do not contact any professionals, they do rely on you to provide reports (right or wrong) they read the form and make notes...I think just to clarify or perhaps question what you have stated. Some say they are there to discredit what you have stated....

    Craig the CAB website on completing the form, dealing with MR is brilliant and so so helpful. As you know, they need to know how your condition effects you, what aids you use, how much help you need and each of this under each descriptor.

    If you are doing a MR, you either have to base it on the assessment which was not correct, or you have to base it on missing information or new information. When I did my son's PIP I included all medical letters, a really detailed form and loads of information. The assessment was a joke as he wrote things in his report which was not true!

    I then spoke to his consultants who all wrote letters stating what my son could and could not do based on the PIP form. They obviously could not counter act this so I won.

    Good luck to you x

  • Thanks everyone. I phoned the pip GOV . Uk was on the phone ages waiting to speak to someone. I put the phone down in the end. I don't know about claiming stuff because I always worked so though it wouldn't apply to me. I don't know anything about claiming what I might be entitled to. I will try make an appointment with CAB for help and advice. Thanks everyone.

  • Do make an appointment with CAB as they will help you. As you can see, PIP is not means tested, you could be earning half a million and year and be entitled. It is a payment (Not benefit) for people over 16 that occur more costs through being disabled.

    If you google 'DWP PIP how to apply', you will be given a telephone number. When you call you need your NI number, bank account details and GP details. They will ask a few basic questions and then they send out a form for you to complete. Its when you have that form I would suggest someone like the CAB helping you complete it as it can be a little complex. CAB also have a computer programme that helps work out what you are entitled to in the case of benefits.

    Good luck x

  • Thanks if I got some help I might be able to stop tortoring myself in work and be able to drop a few hours.

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