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Hi all,

Hope you are all well and had a good bank holiday weekend.

I would like to know what you all think, for the last 5 weeks or so I periodically get a strange sensation like the feeling you have when under water and I have to hold on to something to keep my balance, well yesterday this happened and although I held on to the kitchen work top I went straight backwards and hit my head on cupboard not sure if I fainted or just fell. Is this part of fm or something else.

Thanks in anticipation of your replies.

Sturdy 🤕

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  • Hi Sturdy, I've not experienced the sensation you describe. It sounds awful.

    I do fall quite a lot but mines due to exhaustion, OA in knees and balance problems mostly so I can understand the way it makes you feel when you can't trust your own body to keep you on your own 2 feet. And the bumps and bruises that go hand in hand with it all.

    I'm sure someone will be along soon who understands your underwater sensation.

    Hugs xxx

  • i get loads of things like that the trouble is you dont know if it fibro or not , what I do is put everything down to fibro unless I get really upset about these things I let most go over my head I think if you keep getting this and it's upsetting you have a word with your doctor I bet you find that other people that's got fibro has had this too. X Suzey

  • Never had this hun- my legs can feeel like they will give way if I over do it! I think a visit to gp, maybe something you are taking? bad side effect? Are you eating well? i get faint and dizzy if I wait too long between meals.

  • I am on a diet at the moment and did wonder if this was the reason, but I came off the diet and still had the giddy feeling.

    Sturdy x

  • Hi Sturdy,

    yes I know what you mean. I have suffered with it for years. After seeing many Consultants I was finally diagnosed with Idiopathic Drop Syndrome. Which basically means I flop out, usually without warning and have no recollection and falling just the bumps and bruises and know that I have been on the deck.Worst attack was in a car park. I headbutted a parked car, dented a wing and gashed my cheek. Not nice.

    I am sorry to say the word Idiopathic means without a known cause. There is no treatment, just have to mop up slap a plaster or two on and get on with life.

    IF you are diagnosed with IDS my heart goes out to you. I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

    Keep happy and try to keep healthy.

    Ian B

  • Oh gosh, that really does sound nasty, hopefully that's not what I've got. Do you also this strange feeling before you pass out?


  • Really sorry to hear about this - I hope you are okay? Like Fallabella I tend to fall but because I am wobbly or tired! Really hope you get an answer if not I would speak to your GP!! The problem is fibro is you never know if it's fibro related or something else as Fibro covers so much 💗💗

  • Hi sturdy please have your blood pressure checked. I ended up in hospital with

    suddenly highest blood pressure and pulse rate and after all REVERSED to all

    Much to low measure. and so dizzy. The doctor in hospital sorted it out.

    So. Please. Make an appointment. Not everything is fibromyalgia.

    All the best wishes Dorothee

  • Thanks Dorothee, I will get it taken. Sturdy x

  • I experience this quite a lot, especially in the shower or a warm environment. Do you feel faint and dizzy before falling over? Do you feel nauseous? I don't know if it's the same thing as you have, but I have POTS.

    Have a little look at this link and see if your symptoms sound similar. It may be worth mentioning to the GP if they do since some GPs haven't heard of it. It's also reasonably common amongst those with fibro and CFS. Good luck hun xx

  • I get balance problems. For example sometimes I walk like I'm drunk. It's because your trying not to fall so you sway. Another thing that happens if I'm a passenger in a car, when the car stops I open the door and the road is still moving. Very bizarre.if I was to get out I'd hit the floor straight away. I don't attepmt to get out untill the moving road stops. Normally a minute or two then things are back to normal.

  • That is exactly how I am, but yesterday it got the better of me.


  • Yes it's a struggle not to crash to the floor. It's difficult to describe just wish I knew how to avoid or stop them happening there so scary.

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