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Hey I got locked out of my other account so set up a new one

Hope your all well, I stupidly locked myself out of my other account 😩 I can't remember my email address or my password (definitely a fibro fog). Got a weird question for you all, I get married in 7 weeks πŸ˜€ and I'm wondering how do I make sure I'm the healthiest I can be for that day?

All my love Louise

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Hi Skinnyfatme30

Firstly, if you'd like to gain access to your old account then you can email support@healthunlocked.com to explain that you cannot remember login details. They should be able to you - I did the exact same a while back and they helped me so I was able to login again ;)

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding day! :) Your question is a difficult one to answer as Fibromyalgia can be so unpredictable, however saying that I would ensure any preparations are delegated to someone you trust so it reduces the stress you are experiencing. Fibro & stress don't mix as we all know so to limit the impact it has on symptoms, so I hope you have many friends & family helping. I would definitely not try to worry about the lead up too much and just concentrate on you being there in the moment and enjoying the day! :)

Plus over the next 7 weeks pacing and trying to avoid the common cycle of Push & Crash (also known as Boom & Bust) may help you to feel as best as you can for the big day. Please see this link which may be of interest;


I hope this helps and I am sure other members will comment with their advice too

All the best

Emma :)


As Mdaisy has said pacing and delegation is the key. See if you can get little respite rest periods slotted into the day so you can have a short breather. Try not to be standing up for too long and get other people to run around for you if you can. Remember lists as they do help the fibro brain to perform.

Do hope you have a wonderful day and wish you much happiness in the future.x

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

I renewed my wedding vows in June on my 25th anniversary ... and while you will no doubt have more to do than I did ... pacing was the key; delegate tasks as much as you can; take up every offer of help; and in the days before get plenty of rest and pampering.

But most of all enjoy all the excitement in the final planning and especially on the day itself. Xxxx


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