Got fed up of the way people have treated me over the last few I got a cat instead;-)

Hi everyone, I have not posted for a while. I got a cat a month ago as I now prefer animals as companions than humans. I had an MRI scan through neurology and there was nothing showing up. I have severe weakness in my limbs which my G.P. says is not consistent with fibro. I suppose I'll just have to wait to see the consultant again and ask What Next?lol. I have been given 90 days to find a new job as I am losing my current job. My bosses still treat me like I'm 'Swinging the Lead' despite evidence to the contrary! Hugs.x

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  • I know where you are coming from, just try to keep on keeping on, fibro has a lot to answer for, just when you think Well things have been ok recently, woosh it just knock you for six.

    Keep your chin up, I have a cat and a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I know where you are coming from, just try to keep on keeping on, fibro has a lot to answer for, just when you think Well things have been ok recently, woosh it just knock you for six.

    Keep your chin up, I have a cat and a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hiya Susan, cheers hun it's just so difficult to be positive but once I find a new job things will be better I hope. I've only had the cat a month but already I am feeling happier. There's just so much to think about, I need to speak to mortgage company, DWP, etc just in case the worst happens. There's only me paying the bills so I feel more pressure.

    I would love a dog but it wouldn't be fair as I couldn't give it the excercise it needed. On the plus side, a dog would help get up hills, etc!lol. Hugs x

  • Hi sweetie,

    I have to confess my dog is minute, infact the cat is probably bigger than her, lol,

    I do take her for little walks and throw her toys around the garden alot where she runs round like crazy.

    big hugs


  • Hi Susan what sort of dog do you have? mine is smaller than the cat and is a chihauhau cross bishon but has taken on the size of a chihauha and weighs 2. 5 kilos. Her name is Tia and I wouldn't be without her. That's her in my pic.

    I agree that animals are better than humans mostly, they give unconditional love and don't cheat or snore. lol

  • Hi peppersoo

    I have a chihuahua, she thinks shes a rottweiler, (same colour).

    Her name is Lila, I dont have a picture to put on as yet, she is 9mths old, wicked and I love her to bits..

  • My dogs help me no end especially when I have depression,I couldn't be without them.

  • I agree, dogs understand intuitively when you are down. I'm hoping to get the same from my cat but they are a bit more self-centred!lol. Hugs x

  • Like you I was having things that did not quite gel with fibro, and I had MRIs of brain, neck and spine, with nothing of significance showing up. So I guess it must be down to the fibro which is chronic in my case. Failing that it will MRIs every 12 months if necessary. By the way, nice to meet you xxxxx

  • Thanks Ozzygirl, nice to meet you too:-) It's just the time factor that's doing my head in! Everything takes such a long time and i'm getting worse each month. I was only at Neurology in September but my walking has really become more difficult even in the last couple of months. The MRI of brain, neck and spine proved inconclusive. Another thing I have not consistent with Fibro is the ability to sleep. I can sleep solidly for 10-12 hours if i'm really tired. It may be that it is Fibro & something else but I won't rest until i've had all tests available. I'm losing my job in February due to ill health and i'm 34:-( I will hopefully find something else but there's no guarantee, especially when I don't have a definitive diagnosis. I wish you luck that you will get a definitive answer too. Hugs x

  • Your health sounds like it is in a right old pickle there. There is nothing worse than playing the waiting game. I got a diagnoses after 4 years, but I got it and that is what counts. People these days do not seem to care about 'possible' or 'suspected', they want definites. So sad that you are losing your job because of this but I even know how that feels. I had a good job, a job I loved and excelled at. I was promoted in the first three weeks only t have to hand my notice in. I never found another job and chose to stay at home with the kids. But I wish you well whatever happens xxxxx

  • Thanks Ozzygirl, my Occupational Health Doctor said I was a bit of a muddle!lol. I said "You want to try living with the thing!" I've certainly found out who my real friends are over ther the last few years. I've realised I don't have any REAL friends at all, at least not in Leeds. I left my real friends behind in Salisbury. I only lived there 3 years but the best friends I've ever had are now a long way away. I am going for a visit this weekend though:-)

    Hugs xxxxxx

  • That visit will do you the world of good, you may be tired but it is worthwhile if you get to see your true friends. I do not have much in the way of friends myself. Here in the real world that is. I have three close friends I met online, not met them but we email and post etc. Too far away for me to travel. One is in Wiltshire, one in Wales and the other is in Australia. Apart from that my family are my friends and my neighbour at the back who is always asking how I am. She is a nice woman. So you enjoy that visit as it revive your mind lol if nothing else xxxxx

  • Hiya, isn't it funny that one of your friends lives in Wiltshire when that's where I'm going at the weekend?lol. It must be the place to find good friends:-) Its too far for me to travel these days with my legs but I'll make a few pit-stops so hopefully I will be o.k. It's so refreshing when you can talk to someone about your true feelings without fear of being judged and rejected by people. That's what true friends are, I only stay in Leeds now because of my family. If I had the opportunity I would return to Wiltshire in a heartbeat. Thank you, I wish you well also. Take care.xxxx

  • I believe WIltshire is a beautiful place. I am not likely to get there as I am a very bad traveller, I have to change seets on the bus each time it stops to let someone on or off. Musical bus seats, very novel. But I do hope you have a great time with your friends, true freinds are hard to come by and if you have them, they listen xxxxx

  • I like your subject title. I have 4 cats and a chinchilla. They don't judge you, they only care about food, playtime, sleepy time, more food!. Good luck with your job hunting- are you being put through redeployment? That's extra stress on top of fibro - I've been there and I did find another job on the last day!

    I hope they found out what is causing your weakness and they can then you can get treatment

    Healing thoughts

    Storm x

  • Thanks Stormwych, I wanted a cat for years, ever since I lost my last cat and she was a real sweetheart. I had pet hamsters and rats in between but they aren't the same. I am going under redeployment but its been made difficult by bosses treating me as a disciplinary case. I am just working on registering on the HR system now and they will notify me about suitable vacancies. I just hope I have a definitive diagnosis in the next few months;-)

    Take Care xxxx

  • Animals are the best,i love em! sending loving Meows and woofs your way! Della xxx

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