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morning you lovely people....hopefully you are all as well as expected.....im not brilliant I had a first session of acupuncture yesterday afternoon / early evening....some of the needles were tighter than usual.....and boy don't I know about it today...my joints are so sore and swollen and have been awake most of the night 🌃.....and it is taking me longer to get about...so looks like a day in today.watching movies......so sending out there lots of hugs to you all.💕

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Oh dear I sometimes feel not too good for a day afterwards but then start to resolve the benefit I have a top up session on Thursday. Hope you start to feel better soon.x


thank you lovely xx

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Oh my lovie that sounds awful. I've never felt brave enough to have acupuncture so I've no idea how it works but like rosewine says I hope you feel the benefit soon.

Lots of hugs xx


thank you 😊 lovely x


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