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Update on Rheumatologist

I finally got my appointment through for the Rheumatologist, beginning of September.

I am still in a lot of pain but not as bad as i was.

Does anyone ever feel that they are getting worse as you get older, mine certainly is, it's so bad it's affecting my sleep again, keep waking me up my legs or my back xx hugs to you all and sorry i haven't been on in a while xx

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Hi Kath1952

I am glad that you have finally got an appointment through to see a Rheumatologist. I hope it goes well.

I think everyone feels a difference as they get older, but with Fibro thrown into the mix, my own opinion is that, yes, it can make us feel worse.

Wishing you a peaceful evening

Lu xx

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Good luck with the rheumatologist :)


Good luck Kath...

Don't forget if you are like me with fog brain... write down all the things you want to know.. or ask... because believe me when you get there... you will forget haha.

Hope it goes really well for you.

Healing thoughts x


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