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Update on fracture

After seeing a new consultant on Wednesday last week, due to go in for operation on 10th to have a plate fitted to fibula and a Titanium support in ankle as it has become weak as orignal fracture not sorted properly. Now 16 week since fracture and only now getting the operation after consultant saying fracture healed back in August. Is in the hands of a lawyer now as total medical neglience. Hopefully I can now start to move on and get some normality back in my life. Not looking forward to operation though, but suppose will sort it once and for all xx

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hi weeme i hope ur op goes well for you on the 10 and that you make a speedy recoverey..

we dont half have to put up with so many things dont we .

hugs to you x


lots lots luck with the operation.and sending healing hugs too xx


hi weeme, hopeevery thing goes well for you after the op .i had my pins and palits out only 30th october ,even now my ankle not right with theligiments and tenderns,, i broke my ankle 11october last year , ,,goodluck and rest afterwards i found my fibro to flair up afterwords,

hugs to you xx


I am sending you copious amounts of loving support.. my heart was in my mouth when I read this.... as similar happened to me and then my journey with RSD, peripheral neuropathy and finally fibro commenced... Ahhh so we will be bionic together... as for the medical negligence even though the surgeon/ hospital wrote a letter to my solicitors full of apologies and admission, which is very very rare.. between me and my solicitor I decided to leave it alone as the fight for nearly 3 years took its toll... it is mentally degrading, physically draining... and thats when the NHS stopped treating me like a person/patient... every time I saw a consultant, even my rheumy... it said in bright yellow capital letters all over my notes.. LITIGATION... And so... I was spoken to like a leper.. with no support... the fibro diagnosis was the last straw... as the consultant said... Ahhhh yes fibromyalgia... and the reason is that you are putting undue stress upon yourself.. stop the litigation and you will get will be gone... Five years later.. worse...I dont regret it thought... we got as far as taking proceedings to court, and I just didnt have the energy, support, emotional or physical to battle on. Be prepared to put your whole life in front of them, and I hope that you find courage and have support in this. Bless you xxx


Good luck with your opp . Sithy


I am sending you so many gentle hugs I cannot fit them all on the page xxxxx


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