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Hi guys i have had fibromayalgia since 2001 I am currently trying to find a part time job due to the job centre saying ii am fit to go back to work even though physically i dont feel fit enough. Does anyone know of companies that accept people with disabilities? ~I have been on a few interviews but when i mention how my condition affects my movement etc i get a negative response....

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Have you heard of an organization called Remploy?

They work specifically with those who have disabilities and they aim to help you find and keep work.


No I haven't heard of them. Thank you so much, I'm going to Google them and see what I can find out. Xx

Hi chayers

I am sorry you have such a difficult problem.

I hope that you are able to get some help from the organisation ButterflyPrincess1 has mentioned.

I have not heard of them myself before.

Good luck

Lu xx

chayers in reply to BlueMermaid3

Hi BlueMermaid3 thanks for wishing me good luck. I had an online chat with remploy and they've given me an email address ****** (Just in case you wanted any info) so I've emailed them and asked of I can arrange a date to meet and have a chat. I really want to get back into work but scared that I won't be able to work because of the constant pain. I suppose I'll have to wait and see what they say.

I hope you're not in too much pain today. Sending gentle hugs your way x

Hi chayers

This post may be of interest to you as it includes a form to complete to give to the job centre explaining what your disability is and how certain jobs you are not able to do and why....... saves going to ones you are unlikely to get and helps avoid sanctions in some cases too

Hope it helps

Emma :)

chayers in reply to Mdaisy

Thank you Emma, I appreciate it.

Hi chayers Welcome to our wonderful forum 😀 I'm sure you will find it invaluable chatting to others who have similar experiences and at different stages of their lives with fibromyalgia.

The best people to give you this kind of advice is probably The Job Centre. My friend & I do wish you luck with it.

Please do go check out the mother site where you will find lots of useful information and links on fibro & I look forward to chatting with you on the forum.


It's a good idea to lock your posts to the community so they are not accessible from the internet. If you look to right- of screen you will see under "Pinned Posts" a number of blue links & instructions on how to lock it." If on phone pls scroll down".

Peace, luv n light

Jan xx

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