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Fibro Author Dr Kevin P White to give UK talks


Canadian Fibro expert and author Dr Kevin P White is doing 2 talks in the UK over the next month, talking about his research and book "Breaking Thru the Fibro Fog".

The talks have been organised by 2 local Fibro support groups: Fibro Support Groups London and the Fibro Babes Support Group for Gloucestershire. If you can get to these events, do support the local groups if you can. Dr White is supposed to be an amusing speaker :)

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That's interesting - I might try to get to the Cheltenham one, as my family live nearby. thanks, Linz :)

Moffy x

rosylyn in reply to ladymoth

hi I went to one last year they are really good.dr kevin white is lovely I brought his book and he signed it

Moffy do you think we could buy recordings of his upcoming talks? I cannot get to them but would live to hear what he has to say.

Mel xx

LindseyMid in reply to mel-maelo

The talks are being organised by local groups, so you'd need to contact them to see if they are recording them. I think Dr White has quite a lot of information (and YouTube clips!) on his website thought


I follow him on Twitter & FB & he seems to talk a lot of sense.

If I lived nearby I would make a point of attending.

Jackie xx

Sorry, wouldn't be able to get to either! Why is it these talks and lectures are only near big cities? Nothing like this ever comes anywhere near me! XX

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