Underwear problems any advice welcome

Hi all

I have Coccydenia so have to sit on a Coccyx Cushion, but can still only sit for about 10/15 minutes at a time (cannot sit at all without the cushion), also have chronic constipation IBS, (does not help the Coccydenia), Fibromyalgia and several other conditions as stated on my profile. I'm having a lot of problems with my panties because of the gusset seam at back & coccyx cut-out on my cushion causes a lot of pressure/pain at back of leg/buttocks & also get groin pain, I have tried I think every style of ladies panties on the market but it's always the same result the gusset seam at back, (I have tried seamless panties but they still have gusset seams) can anyone give me any advice as to what to try as I am at such a loss now I feel I'm going out of my mind.

Sorry if this question is a little long but felt I needed to explain my problems in full I hope I have not offended anyone, but any advice would be more than welcome, Thank You

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  • Have you tried Bowen Therapy? It's very gentle and may help with your condition. Silk cammi knickers? It maybe you need to find someone who could make some for you. I feel for you it must be horrible.

  • Hello Cat53

    Thank you for your reply, yes I did try cammi knickers but sadly the gusset seam was a problem, I have never heard of the Bowen Theraphy could you let me know more about it, once again Thank You x

  • I had a terrible problem with undies - everything felt like barbed wire!

    I find that two stores make soft comfy knickers - BHS and Primark, but the secret is to buy them two sizes too big, and wear loose skirts or easy fitting cargo trousers over them. We're all so obsessed with fitting into smaller clothes these days, that we forget 'big = comfort'!

    The other answer is to 'go commando' with no knicks at all! Maxi dresses are in fashion this summer, so why wear drawers? :D

    Moffy x

  • Hello ladymoth

    Thank you for your reply, no I cannot go commando not comfortable with that idea, it's bad enough that I can no longer wear a bra because of this Fibro & Costochondritis to name just two conditions, I'll have another look in BHS did not think of trying Primark, once again Thank You for helping x

  • I was just about to say also about buying larger sizes. I found that helped for similar problem xx

  • I have a broken coccyx, so sympethise with you fully, especially when it decides to play up. To be 100 % honest with you I sometimes feel it easier to go without undies and wear my fluffiest jammy bottoms instead. Not a complete solution but those precious moments are bliss xx I hope you find some comfort soon xxx T xxx

  • Hello trae

    Thank you for your reply, ouch a broken coccyx ohh I really feel for you the pain must be awful like mine is most of the time, I wish you a speedy recovery. x

  • Thankyou. I've had it for years, it's just unfortunate that there's not alot they can do for it so, it tends to play up now and then x hugs xx

  • I have prob's with my coccyx.

    I also find knicks "hurt" - I often wear them inside out & a size bigger..

  • Hello sandra99b

    Thank you for your reply, sorry to hear you have coccyx pain too it's awful isn't it, I did try a size bigger, but had not thought about wearing them inside out that's defiantly worth a try will try that tomorrow, I'll be off to bed soon had a hectic day with Hospital & Opticians appointments so am bushed now. Once again many thanks x

  • hi,go comando pet! iv not worn pants for years..i used to think omg what if i have an accident and rushed into hospital..........lol if that did happen i wouldnt care!! x

  • Hello pondminstrel

    I was just going through the several answers to my question, & I was just wondering (hope you don't mind my asking this) but do you wear trousers or skirts/dresses all the time, I wear loose trousers in winter & wondered how comfortable trousers were when not wearing any pants/knickers ? Many Thanks to you x

  • hi,of course i dont mind you asking,i wear jeans ,skinny ones and loose ones,im comfy like that,im used to it so phaps it might take a bit of time getting used to it, also.we are programed into wearing underwear..so think its "not nice"but who would know anyway? lol..i have worn a dress and no knickers and been comfortable,but you could wear tights,i wash my jeans every day so hygene is ok,,,if you had trousers that couldnt be washed a lot i suppose you could wear those panty liner things..just be comfy,let me know how you get on xxx

  • As an ex-A&E sister, I can tell you that you would not have been the only one.

    We took no notice, but a lot of men were brought in wearing women's knicks - never worked that one out!

  • Hi I have Interstitial Cystitis and with it severe pain in the vulval area quite often - I wear skirts and no knicks/pants when the pain is bad. I think French knickers don't have gusset seams but they aren't so fasionable at the moment - I don't know if you can get them on the Internet. What about these pants that don't have any back to them - thongs - sexy!!! Also another tip - I sit on a knealing chair at my computer, you can get it a company called Back In Action, they are quite expensive but you can probably get a cheaper version that is just as good if you search the Internet. ,That means that your weight is taken forward on to your knees and you don't get pressure on the coccyx at all. It is also very good for back pain, I can sit at the computer and not ache when I stand up as I do when I am on a chair.

  • Hello Jjudith

    Thank you for your reply, thongs were no good to me because of my Coccydenia I tried them before I put my question up on here, I thought about looking into one of those kneeling chair's for my computer but was not sure because of my Hip Bursitis & Arthritis in my knees, maybe I can find somewhere willing to loan one to me to try, I understand some disability shops loan items for a small fee, it's worth looking into.

    Sorry to hear about your Cystitis I hope you feel better soon, once again many thanks for your help x

  • Unfortunately Interstitial cystitis is almost untreatable and uncurable - it is quite different to ordinary cystitis, the lining of the bladder is defective and the urine burns the inside of the muscle wall of the bladder. Unfortunately it is one of fibro's nasty friends. I am now on a diet so that I change my urine from acid, been on it for 5 months and it has helped the pain quite a bit, but the feeling of wanting to pee 24/7 is horrible, and also some people have bladder scarring so the bladder gets really small so they need to pee every few minutes. 55% of people with IC consider suicide (including me) and 12% of people with it commit suicide as the pain is so severe and I defy anyone to sleep who wants to pee every minute of every day and night!!! So I will never be better, but hopefully I am learning to manage it better.

  • Oh I am so sorry, I did not realise you condition was that bad, seems like everything connected with Fibro has no cure, I hope you get more improvement with your diet & your cystitis becomes easier to handle for you & your pain lessons, sending best wishes your way. xx

  • Like fibromyalgia and coccydenia, these hidden disabilities are so difficult to live with - hope your blow up ball helps. And the other thing, no-one knows about them - including doctors. 1 in 200 have Interstitial Cystitis (IC) so it is quite common and people with fibro are more likely to get it than other people. I learned holistic massage and give myself an indulgent bath and self-massage twice a week, and I do daily meditation which I find really helpful. The other thing I forget to mention, TENS machine cuts out the pain whilst I am using it and it lasts for about 30 minutes afterwards so that might work for you, you can't use it directly over the bone but you could use it in the buttock area, also I use ice packs, you can buy them shaped like large sanitary towels and they fit into your pants, they have a nice soft cover, and they really help me when my vulval pain is bad, so I wonder if it would work with the coccyx, maybe you could use it whilst you are sitting down. I also use those pads that heat themselves, I wear them on my back when my back pain is bad and they really help, I don't know if warmth would help your coccyx pain, they are in all chemists and they are in a red pack - wonderful for journeys - heated pad for my back and ice packs in my vulval area!!!! I have paradoxical effects to most medications and the others all seem to upset my bladder so I am really restricted in dealing with pain, so I have been forced to become an expert in dealing with pain without medication as even pain clinics don't seem to know what to do with me and I sometimes think they don't believe me as well, frustrating. Love to you - we are all learning about how to cope, and sharing it at least makes you feel useful.

  • Good luck with your hunt for a kneeling chair - maybe you can get one second hand somewhere if you can't loan one - the other thing is to buy a blow up fit ball and then to can maybe balance on it without pressure on your coccyx, and if you get the largest diameter one and blow it up softly maybe it won't create so much pressure on your coccyx.

  • Thanks for your advice, I have just bought a Gym Ball, My Physio from pain management recommended I try that, she told me to buy the 55cm size as the others would be too big for me, I am only 5ft tall she said I need to sit with my hips at the correct angle for me, she also said try to sit on it for 20 minutes each day to start then gradually build up, she also gave me some gym ball exercise sheets, so defiantly will be trying this, once again Thank You for your help. xx

  • This may sound a little strange but it occurred to me that men's underpants, not boxers or shorts, do not have the gusset seam going up the back, maybe you could try them?

    Anything for comfort!


  • Hi cazbaz

    Thank you for your help, I take it you mean the mens pants type, will check these out but have to make sure the elastic around top of leg is not tight as it will be a problem for me as I also have problems with that too, that's one of the reasons I gave up on ladies briefs similar to bra wearing problem cannot take the pain from bra bands around body feels like I have a steel band around body same with elastic around top of legs. x

  • I think there are some really pricey undies made in Switzerland or Germany that are completely seam free. Hanro is a name that comes to mind but not certain. I know they cost a lot but use really fine cotton and actually weave the garment so no seams.

  • Tescos do some lovely comfy knickers that look like shorts. They are all stretchy and have no seams. £5 for a pack of 2. Shame they don't do a bra to match for big boobs.

  • Hello glochssum

    Thank you for your reply, yes I did order some of those online a few weeks ago but because of the microfibre material my Coccydenia flared up big time, after only wearing them for 3 days (clean pair each day lol), I think it was the stretchiness that caused it, too much pressure on my Coccyx ??

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