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I've been going to the Drs for weeks now about my excruciating painful coccyxs bone. Advice buy pressure cushion (done) use prescribed analgesic rub (done) and up paracetamol from 6 to 8 a day (done). To no avail the pain is getting worse. When sitting, laying and now walking. I don't sleep at night!! I work and I'm that tired sometimes I could fall asleep. My pain relief is not working but they won't change it. They do nothing for me not sleeping. I'm getting to the end of my teather. I feel there's no where else to go. I cannot take anymore of this.

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  • So sorry to hear you are in so much pain and not getting help from you doctor have you tried a different doctor?

  • Yeah I have been to 3 different doctors now. The last one said I could go for an xray buy they don't usually xray that part of the body as it's difficult to get. With organs being there and tendons ect. But she thought I best have investigations done. So I went. Sat waiting. To be told they wouldn't do it because it was a pointless exercise. So back to the drawing board. Still in pain. Still not sleeping. Been awake since 11. I had an early night. Went sleep at 9 now I'll be awake till I go work. :-(

  • Hi SarahAnne86

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I understand only too well about the problems of the coccyx, as I do not have one anymore! Mine withered away and I found out after an MRI (I am 51) and have Osteoporosis.

    I placed a post about it, here is a link:

    There is a medical condition whereby the Coccyx gives you pain, it is called Coccydina, and I have pasted you a link to the NHS Choices webpage on Coccydina:

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you very much for this information. I shall read this. Did you get pain with yours when it withered away? I don't know what to do with myself. This pain is so bad. I cannot do anything to get comfy. There is no let up :-(

    Thanks Sarah

  • Oh Yes! The pain was incredible! I could hardly keep still for my MRI. It still hurts now but it is not as bad because it has withered and there isn't much left to hurt. I was sent to a Physiotherapist and still see her and do all kinds of exercises to help alleviate the pain and keep me mobile. Also it does affect my balance!

    The cause of the problem were my steroids that I take for COPD, but funnily enough they now help with my mobility and pain! I am so sorry that I haven't got a proper answer to help you? Apart from an MRI of the Coccyx may give your GP an idea of what is going on?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • I have times when my coccyx is really painful. I have a cushion with a hole where my coccyx fits and one which is 3 inches deep, the lower half is cut into in squares that move to give extra support.

    a hot water bottle often helps.

  • I have the cushion not the one with the whole. And the hot water bottle. My coccyxs never lets up though it's 24/7 if I lay on it and then move or sit down I could go through the roof. :-(

  • I do pray that you find comfort quickly! My question is; Are you relying on your PCP for treatment at this time? If so, I urge you to obtain immediate referrals to both a Pain Management specialist (better qualified to treat pain) & an orthopedic (to determine what has changed in your tail bone to cause the pain). 1st you need an MRI. Either specialist can order that. If standard care isn't working after 2 months I strongly encourage you to have a Myelogram! When the disc went out at my L5-S1 I thought I was dying! The MRI showed bulged discs. I was treated at the largest bulged disc for 1 year. It was the Pain Management doctor who finally did a MYELOGRAM of my lower spine & found smallest bulged disc was torn, leaking caustic fluid onto my sciatic nerves. They immediately removed the disc & fused my spine. Only problem...delaying the MYELOGRAM & proper treatment for 1 year permanently damaged my sciatic nerves & I remain in pain. specialized testing & medical professionals. God Bless!

  • Hi, so sorry you are suffering so much with no support.

    I also get coccyx pain & a physio recommended I tried a sacroiliac belt (support belt which goes round pelvis area), I find if I wear this I get some relief or can sit longer at desk before the pain starts. She told me that to find out if it would give relief, first put a normal wide belt round your pelvis (so bottom of belt sits just on the top of the crack of your bum - if u google sacroiliac belt u can find diagrams & videos of where it should be positioned) & if this gives you some relief it may be worth investing in one. I don't have a diagnosis for why I have the pain, although physio suggested it may be hyper mobility.

    Obviously I don't know if this will help u, but it may be worth a try x

    I would definitely pursue the MRI with GP to try to find reason for pain.

    Hope u get some relief soon xxx

  • 1) have you been properly tested for hypothyroid

    2) insist on a referral to a pain clinic

  • You can get a proper coccyx cushion from a large chemist chain for about £15. I don't know why it would be difficult to X-ray there though, as I cracked my coccyx years ago and then managed to fracture my sacrum a year later! On both occasions I had X-rays with no problem. Anyway, don't suffer in silence as I know how excruciating this pain is. Keep on at the GP until you get results. Otherwise change GPs. X.

  • Good morning Sarahann86,

    I hope you got some rest last night. I have also experienced this type of pain in that area. I spoke to my rheumy nurse, consultant and gp as I initially thought it was coming from my groin area but after an examination it was found it was coccyx. My Gp feels it could be the RA but my Consultant has never confirmed this either way. All can say is that it does ease up after awhile, however I still get the pain reoccurring from time to time. I would sometimes place a hot water bottle at the lowest part of my abdomen. Sorry that you are in this pain.

  • Hi. My coccyx are completely bent but my McTimony chiropractor did make a small adjustment and it seemed to help. I also have a Dunlopillo doughnut shaped cushion and find that an elastic tourmaline support belt really helps with my posture (like the ones you can get for after pregnancy). I hope you find some relief soon. I also sometimes find that Tranexamic Acid can get rid of pain that painkillers don't work on, like ovulation or kidney pain etc. so if nothing else helps that might be worth a try. x

  • Oh gosh Sarah Ann I feel so sorry for you . I had a fall 6 years ago . I hurt my coccyx also . I was sent back and forth to hospital specialist . I developed CRPS in my back. It took 5 years for them to discover I actually had a fracture dislocation despite 5 MRI scans showing acute angulation. Last year I had a coccygectomy to remove my coccyx . It was the best decision I made. Walking around for 5 years with the injury caused me to develop Fibromyalgia. You need to ask for a sit/stand X-ray or a dynamic MRI . Unfortunately not many places do the dynamic MRIs . There is a place in Leeds and one in London. You really need this sorting out . If your GP is not helping ask to be referred to an orthopeadic specialist at your nearest hospital . Coccydynia can be excruciating you need to rule out certain causes such as pilodinial cysts , fractures , subluxation etc . Good Luck x

  • Hi, I know I have said this before but you may have missed it.I have coccyx pain it is the most miserable unrelenting pain I have ever had.Like you trued the cushions, meds etc but no improvement. I asked to be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon.Had an MRI to rule out any nasties. I now have steriod and local anaesthetic injections into the coccyx done under light anaesthetic you are asleep 5 minutes only. It works! First one got 6 months relief.second one done in march any still working.Please go and try this you nothing to loose only pain , good luck x

  • Aww I feel for you so because I suffer the same. It's taken me years to finely get them to do something that works reasonably well. I have epidural and steroid injections directly into the coccyx. It's not a nice procedure but after a few weeks it truly helps. I like you work and now I'm able to cope reasonably well with the working day with regards to the coccxs pain. I hope this helps and they get you sorted soon. Missymaz.

  • In the meantime, while you wait to find more long solutions, you should really scold your doctors. In the US, paracetamol is acetaminophen and it doesn't help any of my body aches; works for mild headaches but that's about it. Different for different folks like so many other drugs I suppose. But I am not in the least surprised that it is doing nothing for you.

    It is one of the lowest active forms of pain med you can get, kind of like aspirin would be comparatively. But I find aspirin better since it is an NSAID like ibuprofen and naprosyn. I would get the opinion of a pharmacist or two and bring that info back here for discussion or directly to your doctor. Well, that's what I would do. You need to resolve the pain so you can function! You have pain clinics. Would you get better care there?

    I wish you the best and am truly sorry that you are experiencing such unsympathic treatment. Clare

  • Hi,i funnily enough have just been to the docs this week with the exact same problem and my doc said the exact same...get a cushion and gave me a perscription for voltramol,which isnt helping atall , im on amitriptyline,tramadol ,paracetamol for my fibro,i have just read all your replys and have decided if its no better im goin back to docs and demand a mri.....i totally understand wot u r goin through,its agony....sendin hugs and hope u feel better soon

  • Sweetheart have you been to a pain clinic? If so ask them about Opana ER I have fibro, OA, RLS, and bulging disks in my back and it helps. If you have to change doctors. Praying you feel better!!! xxxx Mitzi

  • Has you Dr checked for bone infection I had it and got antibiotics to treat it.You can always ask for another opinion get a referal to a different Dr.

  • Try using suppositories for haemorrhoids - they contain a painkiller and given the proximity to the coccyx they help alleviate the pain.

    I'm diagnosed with lupus but in the past few months I have noticed an increase in widespread pain, including the coccyx pain. None of my fellow lupus sufferers seem to have this, so reading your post makes me think a lot more about whether I also suffer with fibro.

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