What now?

Well had my long waited pain management appointment only took 7 months! What a waste of time she basically had decided there was nothing more she could do for me before my butt sat on the chair.My pills we're ok nothing else to be done except gave me a leaflet and signed me up for a pain awareness class.So what now? Feeling very upset at being dismissed so quickly I think doctors are only interested in people who can be fixed not in incurable cases.

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  • Don't be disheartened, this was probably an initial appointment to see which programmes can help you. I had my initial appointment and thought it was a waste of time but I have been accepted on a different course.

    It will still be worth going to see what they have to offer.


  • No this wasn't my first appointment.I've been about 3 times now

  • Oops somehow pressed send! I was diagnosed about 5yrs ago and have tried everything they have offered me.Think they want us to be someone else's problem. But thank you anyway 🐱🐶

  • Hi, I think you hit the nail on the head there , I think doctors must be disappointed in themselves whenever we turn up as they can't fix us, yet they know we will rattle around for years with lots of different problems. It must be much more enjoyable to fix people and watch them walk away

  • Hi catzndogz

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of your disappointment my friend and (I probably should not say this) but I tend to have ago at them when I get that kind of treatment or response from medical professionals. I tell them that I expect them to actually pay an interest in me as I have come all this way for an appointment and not fob me off without even reading my notes! I am not popular at times? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • It's funny Ken - I have a wonderful chiropractor that is caring, effective and sweet, but he cannot get to work on time to save his life (good thing his life doesn't depend on it, huh? ha ha).

    I like early appointments so I have the rest of my day, but it irritates the crud out of me when he is late - not because of other patients, just because he can't get there on time. When you talk about respect for the patient, that is one way of showing it or not as well...

  • It's not good or fair is it? Good luck my friend.

  • Nope - I just leave and come back in a week or two... The third time I had to do that the year before I quit going for quite a while..

  • Good for you Ken they need telling sometimes I just don't think they know what to do with painful patients ,that's why I don't bother going I just put up with things xx😇

  • Yeah, I can truly understand that as they do not enthuse you to go and see some of them x :)

  • My doc has no sense of humour at all . He is in his thirties but not very friendly at all , I'm so nervous anyway about going anyway . Xx😇

  • I constantly say to Julie that most of these doctors have no sense of humour. No wonder not many of us like going to see them x :)

  • It's true Ken and it's not conducive to telling your problems .They are well paid and I don't think you should do the job if you can't put people at ease ,it's a vocation job isn't it ,with the nurses getting poorly paid .i read in paper some are having to go to food banks and I can understand. .See you're still awake then .Im going to be tired on Sunday .x😇

  • I agree with you completely my friend. I have often said that doctors get well paid to do a job and therefore they should do it properly. I do not think that we complain enough? If we were in a shop or supermarket and we got the same treatment then we would complain. I am still awake for now. I shall try going to bed shortly x :)

  • Did you manage to sleep Ken ,I really hope so .On the Drs if nurses were valued as much as Drs we would have much happier nurse team .I don't think we treat them like Our parents did as if they were above us somehow .If we do complain we will just end up with them not treating us ..

  • It would be wonderful if all of the nursing and auxiliary staff could be treated with some respect and courtesy. I have also noticed how many doctors behave toward them as well, as if they are somehow better than them? It is not conducive to a good working environment x

  • Ken it's always been like that .I can remember David before he was modern matron,going to a meeting and over hearing one of the managers the ones that don't actually know anything about nursingabouta boat he had bought,this is at a time when nurses could not get 1% pay rise and he had been given 70grand to top up his pension pot.

    How discusting is that .xx😇

  • That is absolutely awful, and should not be allowed my friend x :)

  • I suppose there comes a point when they have tried everything but after 3 appointments I doubt that! Does your medication help control the pain? What meds have they tried? Have you had lidocaine infusion or steroid injections? I am currently pushing for Botox injections for my daughter as nothing has helped and I think this will help her tight muscles. She has been turned down by the committee so I now need to write to appeal! Everything is a battle with this condition and suffers often do not have the energy or strength to fight the system!

  • Hi hun, some of these pain clinics are getting very choosey who they treat, it does need reporting! I reported my local clinic to PALS, if a Consultant sends you for help they should give it NOT send you away with negative thoughts nor a useless leaflet, we have to stand up to these people, if the powers that be don't know this is happening nothing will be done.

  • This isn't the proper pain clinic it's the standard BS fob off if you ask me. X

  • I went to one of those for 12 weeks and all I left with was a really bad knee ,they put us through some excersizes and from that day around 9years ago I have had bad trouble with my knees .x

  • Actually catzndogz.... I had never thought of medical treatment that way... When I was working, one of my biggest satisfactions was seeing progress or completing a project. If you look at patients that way, it sort of makes sense..

    I guess if I were a doc, it would be more gratifying to treat someone that you could cure, or at least see the efforts of your hard work. But these Auto Immune diseases don't have a cure. Now, my doc was incredibly excited about my getting into remission, and that was gratifying for both of us. But we (my doc and I) have a 30 year relationship, so that makes a difference too... (I had never had a doctor tell me before that they love me - and she was serious =) )

    So thank you for a new perspective on things. It doesn't help much if you are on the receiving end of that but for me it makes me a little more patient (pun not intended - ha ha). Sending gentle hugs

  • Somwhere I think it could be on here there was a letter that a doctor had written ,saying along the lines of how treating people with pain was hard as there is no set solution as we are all so different .So if I went to my doctor his heart would drop because he might not have anything to give me and they want to heal and maybe he can't help me .I have to be really ill to go to drs as I don't like it ,just get repeat prescriptions.

    I had my doctor for over 30 years too and he was great ,I really trusted him and he believed me and treated me like a human being .My new one is very serious and no sense of humour .xx

  • Hi Matrix - Shoot - That had / has to be hard.. I can't think of too many things I would dread to lose more than my hubby or kitty... And maybe one or two other family members - <evil grin>. Of course friends are excluded too, but you get the idea.

    And my problem is no matter what the doctor is (GP, rheumy, etc.) I have been in healthcare all of my life and always call them doc. And try to joke with them. Not much worse socially than teasing someone to find out they have no sense of humor - or at least not with you, huh?

  • My hub is in healthcare .He could be shy and it's got to be depressing seeing people who are ill all day or depressed .

    so I spare him that by not going ,although when I do go I'm really unwell ..My old doctor left because it was getting all about paperwork and not the people he loved to treat .I miss him ,I remember one time twenty years ago when I was in so much. And wasn't coping he gave me an hour every Thursday afternoon just to talk for those days that was quite progressive .Like talking therapy they do now .Hope your having a good day xx😇

  • You too Sweetie - I love the folks I do because they are so awesome about listening and being supportive.. And that IS progressive.. Although I'm weird about who I talk to... At least about really personal things

  • Me too and if I wanted to speak personally and had a friendly relationship with someone it would be a pm situation Really you do have to be careful because we don't know who we are telling things too. Xx

  • Yes =)

  • It's true .I am who I say I am ,o time for rubbish and if I feel anything I steer clear .Sleep well xx😇

  • Please dont b disappointed go on the course it will help u to uderstand your pain better thers nothing to make pain go away but it will help u to cope better living with pain hope this will help u not to b diapointed angela

  • Hi, just had my 1st appointment but it was by phone. It is less than 2 weeks since being referred. I now await my next one which will be at the clinic. I am so hopeful they can help but then again I always am.

    You never know we may get lucky and will be helped in some form or another.

    So, chin up.

    Take care


  • Why not tell them how you feel about being treated the way you were. Let them know in no uncertain terms. It's not always a bad thing to lose your temper !

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