What is Hypermobility?

I was at my first Physio appointment last week to get Acupuncture for my neck, shoulder and back pain. When I was going over my symptoms and history etc. I told her that when I lift/move my shoulders they do a 'popping' and 'clicking', like it is popping from the joint. After telling her this, she asked if I had hypermobility and I told her no, but she replied by saying she thinks it sounds like I do.

Does anyone know what hypermobility is? & what are the symptoms?

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  • hypermobility.org/what-is-h... this link might help answer your questions xx

  • Thank you! I will have a look :-) xx

  • Thank you for that,

    it has raised a number of questions, about my own illness.

  • Hi, I'm awaiting appointment to see specialist as my doctor thinks I have some form of hypomobility , I've dislocated my knee and had to use a wheelchair amongst other problems , I was just just gently dancing with my son and it just dislocated . I have problems riding my bike and when I'm sleeping and roll over my sholder clicks and clunks . There's different forms of hypomobility some are scary but Dnt be looking at all the worst things because as far as I know you can have a mild form that just plays up and then goes away. Most people have a genetic form my mom has hypomobility although she never had it diagnosed she can do all the main tests for scoring . So i expect it a reason I have it. We've only just recently discovered this syndrome exits in out family , we allways called it being double jointed ,,and never thought anymore if it till I got ill . I googled it and was a bit frightened when my GP told me he thought I had it . I'm ok now, calmed down a bit and realised anyone can have it and it can be only mild . So don't worry , it may not be all that bad. There's loads of information , I allways look at all the bad stuff , but my Zmom must of had it all her life because she is 77 and can still put her hands flat on the floor with legs straight and she is ok. So Im remaining positive about myself . Gentle hugs ,, x

  • Hi ,

    I have HMS.. hypermobility syndrome. It used to be called 'double jointed'. There is a test they do, you move your body certain ways, and the score points for everyone of these moves. It's called the Bighton Scale. I score a perfect 9 :-). It often goes with FMS and some of the problems are identical.

    Apparently, according to my rheumy, it is caused by a rogue gene.


  • I also have hms. I scored 4 on the bighton scale but it's affecting me in a huge way, even more than the fibro...hope you have more luck x hugs x

  • I have it as well, FMS and hypermobility often go hand it hand, hypermobility affects certain joints or you may have it in all of them. I have it in my neck, knees, fingers, toes, elbows, spine and hips. It is genetic and my son is also hypermobile, women are more at risk than men which may partly explain why fibro affects more women than men.

  • I have been diagnosed with Benign Joint Hypermobility as well as fibro, I am now getting arthritis in many of my joints. It also gives you stretchy skin which was good when I was pregnant no stretch marks! We need some good news don't we.

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