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Low IgM

Hi all

My battle continues. Rheumatology have examined me and written a letter to my Dr saying I have some signs of fibromyalgia but not enough to seek group treatment as it doesn't stop me being active. However blood tests have shown isolated low IgM at 0.3 (NR 0.5 - 1.9). They've asked for serum electrophoresis, urinary bence jones, and serum free light chains and I have an appointment next week with GP to discuss. Has anyone else experienced low IgM and what could cause it? Is it common with CFS/ME/fibro sufferers or could it be pointing to something else? Google says it's uncommon and so I can find little info on it. Worryingly the tests ordered seem to test for some very nasty things indeed which I'm trying to ignore for now....



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Hi steviep43

I would keep away from google you will drive yourself crazy with worry look at pinned post and I am sure you might find some information there.

If this is making you anxious go back to the GP and ask them to explain what test are for and ask how this could affect you. Its always better to get professional advice and put your mind at ease.

GOOD LUCK :):):)

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Hello, are you able to have a telephone appointment with your GP to discuss the reasons for this particular test?

It could be you have an immune deficiency and are prone to infections, but as we are not medically qualified it would be wrong to give you a diagnosis.

Please try not to worry, although I recognise that is hard to do.

Make sure all your blood results are in before you see the doc or it could be a wasted appointment.

Hope everything goes okay for you.


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Hi steviep43 please don't worry uneccessary as this isn't uncommon for people with an autoimmune Desease as prone to more infections & it is normally due to some inflammation or infection and can also be caused by some medications. Google is not good sometimes & can frighten you half to death. A lot of INFO on Google comes from false study results and very inacurate, people just put things on Google just because they can & the majority of it is all led to you spending your money.

Do let us know how you get on & i hope all goes well my friend.

Luv Jan xx

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Hi steviep43

I am so truly sorry to read this and as the others have said please do not alarm yourself over this as it sounds like you may have an infection. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your GP appointment and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thanks everyone. GP appt is tomorrow but not with my regular which is frustrating but never mind. Just to clarify I'm not anxious just trying to find more information on why my IgM might be low. Trying to find information on the tests asked for is not bringing up anything useful so was just trying to find out if any other fibro/CFS/ME sufferers might have it low too i.e. is it a common theme amongst sufferers? Ta


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