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feeling low


I have noticed that if I feel a little low one day, that my neck aches more. I also start to feel more tired, lack of energy. Just wondering is this just me or does anyone else feel the same. Most of the time I am ok, but just every now and then, especially if my confidence has been knocked. However, today is a new day and it seems warmer outside. xx

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Hi Karran. Is it possible that when you feel low that you are tightening the muscles in your shoulder and neck,

If so try gentle exercises and relaxing. IT may help a lot with the pain and without the pain your mood may not did so low.

hugs sue xx

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Hi Yes thanks. You may be right. I do try to relax and don't worry as much. Sometimes it works x


:P Sue xx


Hi karran12

I am so sorry to read that this happens to you, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. As sue says, it could be tightening of the muscles due to tension? And some gentle relaxation / exercises may help you?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

Ken x


Hi Karran12, hope today has been a good day.

I also think it likely you are tensing up but there is a well established link between mood and pain-perception so am not surprised your physical problems feel worse when you are low. This is not another way of saying 'its all in your head' but rather an acknowledgement that the relationship between mind and body is a complex one. After all, we experience pain due to a chemical reaction in the brain and a low mood changes that chemical balance.

The positive is that you recognise the link. You may find techniques such as mindfulness would help: my local pain clinic has psychologists who advocate this practice specifically as a method of pain management (all local courses, however, are geared towards depression and anxiety). There's a lot of information around the net on this subject and I'm happy to recommend books I've found useful (message me if you wish).

Wishing you lots of good days,



Hi Karran! I too find that I can awaken some days a little low in my mood. For me it is always accompanied by aches. I have a little ritual to lift myself up. Perhaps it can help you?

I start by opening the blinds half way. Not too bright, but enough to see the trees & sky.

I make hot tea with sugar & milk. Toast & jam. I enjoy them slowly as I watch the clouds float by & think only of finding shapes in the clouds. If no clouds, I people watch & make up bizarre stories about them


Thanks you put that so well. I am a sensitive person to start with so that does not help. I like tea it is a good comfort - my dressingown at night and hot water bottle too. I also feel very sensitive to noise. My partner was only chewing a mint last night, but the sound of the clicking in my ears ended up giving me a headache. I must just be a problem. I try to keep my life simple, listening to birds in the garden, and reading a book seems to help.

Thanks again it is just lovely to be able to talk about it Karen xx


Oh yes, Karen...talking does help. Please join us here all you like.

I am sorry to hear that you grow so sensitive that even small noises can give you a headache. I am happy that you take good care of yourself!

I struggle with Major Depressive Disorder, also known as clinical depression. The bottom line is that no matter how balanced my medicine, how well I use my coping skills, and how much I see a counselor...I still have to deal with those blue days.

I have to be careful not to give in to too many blue days or I can quickly slide into depression. However, when I begin to grow physically & emotionally oversensitive it is no longer reasonable to just drink my tea & smile on. I have to change tactics.

That is when I have my aromatherapy tear bath. Yep, you read that right. A good mix of salt water & salty tears is good for the soul. Lots of hot water, spearmint bath salts, and permission to cry it all out! After I have cried my tensions away I refill my tub & bath salts to just slowly float, inhaling the revitalizing spearmint. Frankly, I am exhausted by then & need the time to gain enough strength to get out of the tub.

The principal being that God gave us tears for a release tension. Sometimes we need to do just that!

I usually followup that tear bath with hot tea & a nap in my terry cloth robe. Waking up afterward, for me, is like starting the whole world anew.

I imagine you Karen as a beautiful young woman. Fragile & sweet like a flower. I pray for you only the best of a quiet simple life. God bless!



Thank you for those kind words, and prayers. I have never known so many lovely people as on this site, I am so pleased I found this xx

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