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PIP appeal


I'm 17 and I'm trying to appeal for a mandatory reconsideration of my PIP. I'm struggling really hard however with what to say. I know I qualify but I'm really scared because I've been told the face to face assessments can be really challenging. (I've never been to a face to face assessment before as my doctor and rheumatologist told PIP and ESA it's too hard for me) I'm so terrified I am going to lose the PIP I receive now as well as getting denied for enhanced mobility. Please if anyone has any tips as to what to do/say I'd be more than grateful.

Thank you

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Can your GP and rheumatologist tell them again? You could speak to the benefits advisor on here too, see post in the pinned posts on the right. Your local welfare rights group can help too. Many people suggest citizens advice bureau but I've never found them helpful. Maybe if you google you can get tips. Good luck!

I'm not too sure, but I know I have proof my condition gets worse over time which is supposed to help. I will have a look for some benefits advisor and local welfare group. Thank you!

Have you requested the assessors report? Even if you didn't have a face to face assessment an assessor will still have written a report based on what you put on your form and the evidence you sent. You need to contact DWP for the report. If you get a copy of this you'll have a good idea where they misunderstood how you're affected and you'll then be able to either elaborate or ask for further evidence from your doctors if necessary.

Thank you so much, I will ring them today!

Hello, I don't think I can add to the replies above, they are all helpful.

Good Luck!


Thank you for your help though! X


Hi Hannahjane1308

I would recommend the citizens advice they really helped me if you have a doctor or other professionals involved they can really help to.

If nothing has changed you have the fibro if you have any other medical conditions tell them it all helps. Truthfully I would recommend any professional body as I found they were more aware of my conditions and just explain how it effects you on a personal basis as were all unique and so is our fibro

Good luck :)

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Thank you! I have rang them and explained briefly and I'm told to pop in Wednesday to speak to an advisor. I definitely don't want to write it myself so hopefully it will help. Thanks 😊

Hi hannahjane1308

I have pasted for you below a link for the contact details of our own benefits adviser:


I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Thank you so much!!

Good luck my friend


Dont panic if you dont get it, not many do. Just keep going a lot win at the Tribunal. I did this time and my hubby twice in the past.

Definately get help with this. CAB or a support worker for your condition. You don't need to feel alone and a helper will know what info to include. Good Luck with this.

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Yes I agree completely. Thank you!

Can you insist that they come to you got a face to face? You are struggling with so much that I think you need a case worker, someone to fight on your behalf when you don't have the energy or are in too much pain.

This is something a paediatrician would refer you too.

Oh hannah I feel for you. Remember that if you are stressed you feel worse. Letting go of stress is something most adults struggle with let alone a teen. I know you don't want to feel any worse than now but the more visible distress and pain you are in ( terrible) but at least the pip assessment people will see your worse day.

I will definitely try and ask. I have anxiety also so it's quite hard for me to speak to strangers without breaking down. Someone on my other post suggested I go to the paediatrician also so I will ask my doctor at my next appt. I definitely try not to get stressed as stress prolongs and worsens everything. Yes, at least they will see me at my worst.

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At my last Tribunal I was in such a state of nerves I kept getting words mixed up, had slurred speech and twice had to be brought back from a trance by the doctor reaching across the desk and waving his hand in front of my eyes. Or so ive been told i cant remember.

But was i pleased when they called me back in and i had won.

Even though i was in a right state, inside i was

Alert enough to answer the questions without making a mess of it.

Get help and dont panic.

Sue, x


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Sounds like something I would do. I'm definitely getting help. Thank you! x

Hi hanna Jane how are you doing today? ( like to give extra attention to our younger sufferers) you need a little more tlc I believe. Xx

I have just been doing this for my daughter and I have quoted the legislation and guidance document. If you PM me With your email I could send you a copy of what I have done if that would help. As someone else has said get a copy of the assessors report.

Do you have any family that could help you do this? You are very young to be having to do this alone.

I have PMd you, thank you!

hannahjane1308 ,

Hi Hannah,

Im sorry you are having to go through this.

What with all the goverment cutbacks,its becoming harder for us all to get the help we genuinely need.

Id recommend you go to citizens advice and they will help fill forms in with you,get the ball rolling for a mandatory reconsideration or tribunal.

They would also be able to get someone to be there with you,for moral support,or if short staffed,put you in touch with organisations that can.

I got the standard rate daily living on my 1st attempt.I did nt get the mobilitu part as they told me i could drive and work out a route for myself.

I got back in touch with them as my conditions got worse,and they cut it off me altogether!

I took it to a tribunal,and got a doctors letter,OT letter,and proof of a wetroom having to be installed.

It got re-instated,backdated and increased to high rate daily living .

As they were basing it on when i was assessed,i was still trying to work,and did nt get the mobilty part.

However i ll wait till they ask me next time.lol


Hi Wendy, I have an appointment booked so I am going this Friday so hopefully it will go well. Wow that's crazy. I'm going to give as much evidence as possible.

hannahjane1308 ,

Yes it is crazy.Im now on ESA and im being paid off tommorow,and yet with all thats going on with me,they have put me in the work related activity group.

Yet again ive to go to a tribunal.


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