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Pip appeal won on tribunal

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Hi, I had my pip stopped last sept 2017, after a long battle ive just won on appeal to have it reinstated today 9 oct 2018, will i get my money backdated. Ive loads of unpaid bills that i need to pay and was hoping for this money.

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Brilliant news, now time to relax and put the stress behind you

hi im lou lou and im new on here but ive read your post and iam in the same position as you now, apart from iam still waiting for my tribunal date which should be in january. have you got any useful tips for when i go, iam constantly worring about it. very pleased youve had it reinstated .

Hi lou_lou just talk to them as if its the worst day of your life, every little thing you suffer on those worst days. Dont let them change your view, stick to your guns, show emotion.

Wonderful news so pleased for you.x

Congratulations Perkintracey that's wonderful news the best . I am so happy for you :)

I see this is your first post. If you would like to lock your post for privacy reasons so what you write is seen by this community only and not by the likes Google FB etc this link will show you how :)



Yes I had mine stopped last September 2017 and I have just had a payment October 9 2018 so you will be happy I know I am so relieved not to go through this drama for another 3 years. Good Luck πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΏ

Hi, did you get it backdated to last sept?

Yes I did I received it on October 9 2018 so happy about that and they backdated my ESA as well. 😁

Great news xxi need to try get mine back when changed over took my mobility high rate off me.cant get around paying for taxis x

Hi yes you should get it back dates to Sept 17 .

It takes about 3-5 weeks depending on your area .

I got lump some then first months money in three weeks.

Well done on winning x

Hi Yes you will get your backdated money back. Well done for getting your PIP reinstated.

Well done to you I wonder how much that waste of your time has cost the DWP ?

Please can you tell me after .pipfish after5 years for me what happened after thanks

WOW.... that long.... disgraceful. Cannot imagine your stress and anguish.

Good stuff you fought back and got justice.... shameful that you were made to do this.

Sort out your bills etc and take a breather... you soooo deserve it....

Well done YOU!


I got my money back dated on appeal. You're very brave going to appeal , the stress is dreadful, if it hadn't been for my son nagging me I would have let it go. It's put me into the mother of all flare ups.

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Thats what the DWP bank on, that people give up or dont fight, everyone should fight, as the assessor lied about me, thats why my pip got taken away. Its not fair how we are treated. We need to stand upto them, they are just bullies.

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