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Another post from someone who can't sleep


I am new to these boards, said hi when I joined but that is pretty much it for postings. However ... I have appreciated having the opportunity to read your posts and laughed, commiserated and learnt. So thank you all for that.

I am now discovering the benefit of posting to people who understand the occasional misery that accompanies having fibromyalgia - and on this occasion that misery is not being able to sleep ... aaaargh!

Thank you, that feels slightly better lol xx

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Hi & welcome, it's a great forum & has really helped me, even when I've wanted to rant! Like yourself I'm in the 'no sleep' club too (hence my username!) Anyway, I hope you've managed to get to sleep, sending soft hugs 🤗🤗🤗


Hi, sorry you are awake also , so overrated this sleep thing ! Most of us peeps are members of the no sleep club at times.Jacqueline x

Wide awake here still, morning alarm goes off in twenty minues! 😂😂😂

And I always find that when my body wants to sleep lol!

Snap! I wonder if much research has been done on our natural sleeping habits if left to our own devices? A nighttime sleep of two blocks with an hour up inbetween combined with an afternoon siesta I have heard is the best pattern. But this would not fit with the nine to five work ethic society or business demands!

Hi yorkiefan, you've come to the right place, don't sit in silence in the wee small hours of the morning, as you say you can read others stories, rants or funny posts. It's not all doom and gloom. So welcome on board.

🤗🤗 xx

Sending a bucket of sleepy dust your way!!!

yorkiefan in reply to Trikki

Sleepy dust - can I get that off Amazon? ???? 😉

Trikki in reply to yorkiefan

If only........x

Ok, so sun is up, dogs have been out and now are in bed with me. Time to get up and pretend I don't feel like a zombie to all I encounter today. One of those being a counsellor I will be chatting to at 10am via Skype which is part of the stuff I have to do before I can get a decision whether I can have bariatric surgery. The thought of the increase in energy by just alone not having to carry around almost all my considerable excess weight with me 24/7 is the only thing keeping me going at present. Just so hard trying to explain the effects of fibromyalgia - like eating my way through the freezer one week because I just couldn't face expending any more energy going to the supermarket that week. Sounds lazy, uncommitted to this 'programme' doesn't it to the unknowing ear ... sigh.

Raboo in reply to yorkiefan

I have discovered those who are not blessed with fibromyalgia will never understand that struggle. One thing at a time. One day at a time.

Wired and tired.

Fatigue fog.

I should audition for the Walking Dead as I am more often than not zombified through lack of sleep. It's good to share lovely as you don't feel so alone. Wishing you numerous and peaceful zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! x

Hi yorkiefan

I am so gneuinely sorry to read that you could not sleep and I sincerely hope that you manage a good sleep tonight my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


You know I love this site as well. I have learned more about fibro here than anyplace else. Thank you everyone!

In regards to sleeping mine is so screwy. What may work for 2 or 3 days and I sleep so peaceful. The next day I have to find a new routine. Sleeping medication gets me all loopy.

I wish you peace, fields of lavender and restful sleep.

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