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Hello I'm back

Hi my friends

Sorry not been here for ages, I've been going thru some family hell, my grandmother has been in and out of hospital with kidney failure and we lost my aunt on Valentine's Day to a massive stroke.

A quick question, have any of you developed lung problems? I keep getting reoccurring chest infections that take at least 3 courses of antibiotics to shift an now I have to have lung tests and have been given a inhaler.

Also remember I found a very good fibromyalgia dr, well she's brilliant!!

Gentle hugs to all

Georgina (aka frustrated) x

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Hi. Are you taking gabapentin? I read side effects can cause lung problem and pneumonia. If your not read tour medication side affects and see what it says x

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No im notx

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So sorry for your loss Georgina.

I myself have not suffered with these problems but I hope you can find some relief soon hun.

Good luck and take care.

Angie xx


Hi Frustrated_1 I'm so sorry for your loss my friend, that must have been so difficult for you with your grandmother being so I'll aswell. I do hope she has recovered & feeling better.

There are a lot of members that do suffer with lung problems, I have asthma when I get bad cold or virus & over the yrs I have had chronic bronchitis at times & had to use nebulizer but I haven't had it for yrs like that, so hoping it doesn't come back lol.

I just found this you may find interesting.

People don't typically tie fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome in with lung issues but they do crop up - particularly in ME/CFS - at times. Some people experience "air hunger" or difficulty breathing or difficulty taking deep breaths. Some studies suggest that ventilation - the movement of air in and out of the lung - may be reduced during exercise in some ME/CFS patient. Staci Stevens, an exercise physiologist, has wondered whether the small and highly active muscles involved in breathing could be impacted in this disease.

Luv Jan xx

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Hi Frustrated_1

I really am so genuinely sorry to read of your sad loss, and I would like to offer you and your family my deepest condolences and with the illness with your grandmother, I truly hope that she is on the mend my friend?

I live with chronic asthma and COPD, and whenever I get a virus or a cold etc, it goes straight onto my chest, and takes ages for me to get rid of it. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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