Erm ... empathy?

Ok so something weird has been going on with me for a while now and I thought I would ask if anyone else gets this, ie. its part of "fibro extra sensitivityness" or not. Someone suggested I could be an "empath" ? The only way I can think to describe it is with a direct example.

So .... eating lunch and watching an old episode of You've Been Framed. I'm fine with the animal clips and babies doing daft baby things. But then along comes a grown up doing something they really shouldn't ... like trying to do tricks on a scateboard. And they come crashing down and it looks really painful. And for a split second it's like something clenches inside me and I have to look away. Almost as if I'm expecting to feel their pain - which I don't think I actually do but there is definitely a physical sensation within me. Maybe tensing up in anticipation of pain??

Does this ring bells for anyone?

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  • Yes sounds like you are. I am also an empath and tend to pick up people's vi rations happy and sad and you will just have to learn to cleanse and protect yourself.

    If you want any help .. I am in hospital ATM... but message me and I can help ...

    Healing hugs x

  • Sorry to hear your in hospital. If you could point me in the direction of a good source of info it would be much appreciated. I did google it as I have no idea what it actually means but ended up more confused.

  • Try this test, says I'm an empath 🤔

  • Says I'm a unicorn goddess empath.

    That just makes me more confused lol.

    Although I agree I'm a goddess.. Obviously :D

  • I'm a moon goddess whatever that means 😜

  • Rainbow goddess empath 😃

    I think I'm a bit of a dick 😋

  • I think most pain sufferers are empath's Because as adults we know how it hurts to feel pain we can connect to another adult feeling pain. xx


  • That does make sense and its only since I've been having more pain myself that this has started happening.

    That said though, I've just been googling on being an empath and some of the "signs" fit me to a T ... it would explain a lot ... but now I'm thinking well what do I do about it? Do I need to do anything about it? Where do i even start? All metaphorical questions by the way Dizzy, I'm not expecting you to provide me with all the answers :)

  • LOL well I am happy to hear it I really hate disappointing folks. Psst when you find the answers please let me know {{hugs}} :)


  • I think that every sencitive person can relate

  • The Planetary Healer Empath not to sure, but OK cool

  • Said the same for me too lol.

  • I'm an empath - have known for years, lived with it quite happily. I did a few spiritual development courses where being an empath came in handy, so wasn't too bad. But now (since fibro diagnosis) I really pick up on people's physical pain as well as their emotional stuff, moods etc.... I need to spend a lot of time on my own when I've been around certain energies - I've become super sensitive when watching anything on TV were a person or animal is in pain.

    It can be a good thing in the right circumstances but if your not comfortable with it, as JacquiRo says there's a lot you can do to protect yourself.

    Love and blessings x


  • I don't know whether I'm comfortable with it or not ... at this stage I'm just confused :) Usually if I know WHY something is happening then I can be ok with it. If you (or anyone reading this) could point me in the direction a good source of information on all things empath I'd be very grateful. I've been googling and thats never a good idea! :o

  • Hi notmebutme , sorry I haven't got back to you. Lots going on for me atm. I'll pm you when things settle down.


  • No worries LG, when your able :)

  • The Planetary Healer Empath is the category I come under. I have always been the same it hasn't just started since I developed Fibromyalgia. My job share partner could never understand how more or less immediately I met a person I knew what sort of person they were and thought initially it was guesswork on my part. After about 3 months she realised that I must have some kind of gift and started listening to me. I don't like it sometimes to be honest.x

  • Funny enough I have always been this way in tuned, can tell what people are like

  • The "clenching" thing with the TV has only just started but having found out a bit more info, I've experienced lots of the "signs of being empath" for a very long time - things that I thought showed I was introverted and "didn't like people", could possibly be me protecting myself without knowing it .... if that makes sense. Lots of other things that I'm now thinking oh ok, now that makes sense ...

  • Hi rosewine - my Planetary Healer Twin xx

  • I read that and the estimation of myself sky rocketed, lol. I don't know how you scored on the always putting others before yourself bit as it is true we do have to sometimes protect ourselves from that as I am guilty as charged and it can have a detrimental effect when you are a fibromite.x

  • yes I do it's horrible I've been told before jam a empath but its got more intense since have I g the fibro it's like you say a feeling inside you I feel as if my whole body is feeling it but not it's weird to explain

  • Very weird to explain but happy I'm not alone with these odd sensations :)

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