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Several severe pain days and plans to move

Hi. I've not managed to get on here for a few days. I've been suffering so badly with not only the usual neck, shoulder, arm and back pains, but now my legs are starting to be affected. Going up and down the stairs especially, it feels like my left knee wants to give way under me, and had various aches and pains around the knee area on right leg.

I've also had very little use of my left arm, even resorting to wearing a sling! The pain has been from my shoulder, all the way down to my hand. It's made things very difficult when I've been trying to help pack up my Nephews room, and generally trying to do my part with the family. Others who have read my previous blog "introducing myself" will know the circumstances we're going through at the moment. The last thing I need is to feel useless, and I can't complain or comment on my pains when my sister-in-law is in constant unbearable pain, and waiting for the end to come.

When my nieces and nephew asked what I'd done to my arm, I just said that it has been a bit sore for a couple of days and I'm just resting it. My youngest niece is only 18 months old, and always manages to throw herself on whichever part of my body is in the most pain, without fail!

I'm looking forward to my physio appointment on March 5th, in the hopes that they can do something to ease the pains, but we've also just made the decision to move in about 5 months, and I'm worried about continuing treatment in the new location. It's a bit out in the sticks, and with me not being able to drive more than short distances due to the pain it causes, I'll have to rely on my husband being available to take me for any appointments. At the moment, I have a wonderful friend I can always call upon to take me to the doctor or hospital, but that will all change once we move, as it's some considerable distance from here.

Although I know the move is the right thing to do, I will miss my circle of friends here so much. We have a really nice mix of friends who are all part of a close knit community, and all sort of understand my condition as best they can, and who are incredibly supportive of our current situation. As yet, I haven't told them of the move, as it's only just been arranged in the last few days.

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So sorry you've been suffering so much kestrelflyer. I hope the physio gives you relief. I understand about your 18 month old niece jumping on whichever part hurts, I'm a childminder and the same applies lol.

I'm looking into moving because I feel a bungalow would suit me better than this quite large house and I'd love to give up work but I've had a couple of estate agents here and with what I'd get for my home and what I'd pay for a bungalow, it's not going to be worth it. I wouldn't have enough to live on for the rest of my life - however long that might be but I'm hoping for a few more years :) -

Gentle hugs to you and I hope yourmove goes smoothly. It's very sad that you will not be near your friends, can they visit you easily? I don't drive either, it's a 'pain' isn't it.


Hi Sue. What a shame you can't move into a bungalow just yet. Don't give up - you might be able to do it in the future, you never know. That lottery win may be just around the corner! :)

We'll be about an hour or so away from our friends, so we/they can visit, but it won't be as often as I'd like. Here, we're just around the corner from everyone. We have people often stop overnight with us if they've come by car for a party at someones house, so they can drink without having to worry. We're now wondering where we would stay!


I know, I was quite looking forward to it but I do love my house so I can wait. As for the lottery.....I don't do it lol. Maybe I should.

I moved up here 8 years ago from Herts and my son and daughter in law and granddaughter are there, I've got no-one here. Well, apart from my husband who is in a local nursing home. I must be getting old, I keep thinking, who's going to look after me when I'm old! lol.

It is a shame you will be an hour away from your friends, it's ok if they don't work and they drive and can get to you regularly. I think I'm just a bit fed up at the moment and need something to do lol.


Hi there Kestrelflyer,

I have really painful knees which my left being my worst, they are so sore when walking and even sitting i am forever rubbing and massaging them hoping it will make them better, but it doesnt.

My left side is also my weakest in my arm and hand too.

Hope your move will be good and if they are really good friends then they will want to carry on seeing you.

I know it must be hard but i hope you get throughit as this worrying and stress wont be helping you.

big hugs kel xxx


Good luck with the move I am sure you will cope.

Your symptoms are very much like mine and have moved twice since I had fibro. We moved on both occasions to look after a grandaughter, to and from school and school holidays etc.She only has her mother a single parent.

I think with me the planning and organizing helped to divert my mind from the pain. With the first move I got a G.P. who was great - even laid on the floor to demonstrate exercises . Unfortunately the G.P. practice now are mostly useless but occasionally they have a newly qualified who is interested


Many thanks for all your supportive messages. I still have some time to adjust to the idea and research things like doctors, hospitals etc in the area. By the time we are due to move, i'm sure my sister-in-law will have passed away, and her son will be settled with us, so (not meaning to sound cruel), but we'll have less on our plate to deal with. I've told my closest friends and they are very keen to visit us in our new home, which is a great comfort.


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