Good morning friends hope you are all coping ok, youre posts are so good and have answered more questions than the doctors ever do.

Just to tell you the last 2 days i have received EMAILS supposedly from HMRC telling me i have a tax rebate, and they have have asked for all my details ins no bank and even mothers maiden name,looks very genuine but its not. I rang HMRC and they do not ask for any of those details on line so Please BEWARE. Anyway you all take care

sheila stanford

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  • Well done for realising it was a scam. I've never had one of these but have heard about them.

    Thanks for the warning.

    Take care,

  • Thank you for the warning laurasmom. These people are pure evil. Well done xx

  • I have had them as well and just delete asap along with those from PayPal as well except PayPal have a spoof line which I forward them to.....xx

  • Hi there

    Many thanks for informing our members about this scam.

    The HMRC (as was the Inland Revenue) will never ever contact anyone by email.

    They will only write to you.

    This scam has been going around for some time now. If you click on the link (which my nephew did) it downloads a virus onto your computer.

    Banks, HMRC all professional companies will never email you. If you are ever unsure delete the email immediately.

    Lu xx

  • This scam has been nationwide for a few years now. THE TAX PEOPLE DO NOT E MAIL, THEY DO NOT PHONE EVERYTHING IS IN WRITING, ANYTHING ELSE IGNORE.You are right the paperwork they e mail looks very authentic unless it come thru your letterbox ignore it.

  • If you receive an email which does not use your name, eg, "Dear Customer", delete it immediately without opening.

    You have to be so careful these days, the criminals are always out for the next scam.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  • Hi laurasmom

    Thanks for highlighting this my friend. I am delighted to read that you realised it was a scam. There really are some nasty people in this world! Please take care.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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