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Hey everyone, only just signed up to this site as told about it by a friend. Newly diagnosed, taken such a long time to get the diagnosis that in 3 weeks I will lose my job due to having been off for 6 months (they can do it as signed it off in my contract when I started there).

Anyway I need a new mattress! Desperately... so would you all mind telling me what type of mattress is best please? Xx

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  • Here in the U.S., mattress buying is full of scams and rip offs. The same model can be sold at different prices under different names without informing buyers, so cross comparison shopping is hard. There are huge mark ups and you should probably negotiate a lower price after asking to see the cost of the mattress without their markup. No flip mattresses wear out much faster but they sell it as a "special" feature. Lots of mattresses add stuff to it that does nothing to help sleep but they charge more for them. I hope some of this information would be useful to you if you're not in the U.S.

  • Hi Lora83

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have a memory foam mattress on an electric adjustable bed. I personally find the mattress exceedingly comfortable and also I can adjust my bed depending on where I am aching.

    I have pasted a link below to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Lora83 welcome to our lovely group. Hope you find it as rewarding as I do.

    Sorry your going through this. Fibro is hard to get diagnosed. It took me 5 years, which is relatively quick compared to some.

    Sorry your losing your job in the way that you are, you must feel awful.

    Regarding mattress it is really a personal choice.

    I have an adjustable bed with a very firm mattress for my back. I do spend a lot of time in bed unfortunately.

    Come and ask questions, have a chat or a rant there is always someone around.

    Good luck and take care.

    Angie xx

  • Welcome! I have a sleep number bed which is easily adjusted to whatever I need. I need it very firm and adjust my bed to 95% firmness. I reposition my bed every few months by changing the settings to 65% and then back to 95% because it needs to be reset like that for some reason or other. I see it as similar as the need to be turned by a traditional bed. I hope you enjoy our group of friendly fibromites!

  • Hi Lora83 and welcome. I've had fibro for around ten years tho only got a firm diagnosis three years ago. Like Ken, I have good quality memory foam, it supports the bits that need it and cloud hugs the rest! However I do struggle to control my temperature like a lot of us here and so bought a ' staycool' mattress topper from Asda. It's briĺiant! I also put my electric blanket between the two for when I need warmth , sorry this is a long post lovely, but I love my bed, even when I can't sleep. Good luck!

  • Ccupcake can you tell me please what make of bed you have and style thanks.

  • Hiya, sorry was in hospital when I replied earlier. Am home now. Although my mobility is very impaired, I don't need a posh riser bed although lemons sounds great! My home is tiny so I have an ordinordinary cream wrought metal bed frame which is really pretty, but a little low so I bought special risers for the feet to lift it a bit. The mattress..... well, Initially I bought a memory foam with a zip off and flip topper with a summer/ winter option . The top was pocket sprung and added, it was.....expensive and I loathed it! So went to stay with my mum for a couple of days and there she is with her ARGOS memory mattress and it was soooo comfy. Just goes to show that you don't have to break the bank I guess. Good luck with all this , your beds important xx

  • Thanks Ccupcakes I will look at their website. Hope you feel better today.

  • I have a profile power bed and i would never go back to a flat bed again. The advantage of beig able to change position effortlessly and to sut up or raise legs or it will even lift me to transfer to my wheelchair. I havnt been IN bed for 3 years but i an ON my bed 20 + hours a day i really dont think i could cope without it. As for the mattress it is a memory foam because a spring mattress likely wouldnt cope with all the bending and flexing. I asl spent an extra £150 to have a multiway massage unit which is wonderful for easing painful joints. In total it was around £1400 and i saved up £1200 from my motability allowance and applied for a one of grant and got the £200 balance. This may seem an extravagant purchase but i have now had the bed 4 years so at the moment its £1 a night. Hopefully i will get another year out of the mattress and a few more years out of the bed frame but if it all needed replacing tomorrow i wouldnt hesitate to buy it again.

    When you are deciding remember most people spend 33% of their life in bed. But also with us all here its a health issue. Oh and it was of course vat deductable which saved me £320 off price of £1720. I did shop around considerably before buying but on REVIEWS not on prices. I could have paid double and i could of paid half.


  • Hi Lora83

    Welcome to the site so glad you joined as I said there are lots of wonderful people on here who will give all advice you need and someone to rant at or chat with day or night.

    I hope you manage to sort out a mattress soon

    Lots of love and gentle hugs

    Jackie xx

  • We had this discussion around a year ago with lots of suggestions, I am still looking for my new mattress, there are not many stores you can actually try the mattress first, and those I have located have not had a mattress in my price range that I really liked the feel of, so am still in a dilemma, must find something soon as my mattress is sagging in the middle, not good.

  • Memory foam, so much better than usual spring type. Easier on the body.

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