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Anyone have any recommendations for mattress toppers

Can anyone recommend a good topper for someone with fibromyalgia?

The memory foam layer (5cm, from Dreams) in my old bed lost all its support to where my lower back is in agony when I lie on it. However, everything in the shops feels unbelievably firm, and the springs of my old mattress are still in perfect working order. Prior to the foam failing, the mattress worked brilliantly for me for 2.5 years, whereas I can't even spend a night anywhere else aside from my sofa without being in agony. As such, I'm attempting to replace the foam in the bed with a topper.

Failing that I've got a good quality air mattress which doesn't go down at all during the night, so putting topper on that could work.

I bought a 50kg/m3 2 inch memory foam from Silent Night a few months ago, but it seems to compress to a hard layer.

Also tried a down topper, which I don't have a link for, which was horrible and lumpy.

So, somewhat of a novice at this, I'm wondering if anyone had any luck with mattress toppers. Thinking about a deeper memory foam, or talalay latex.

The more specific you can be the better, Internet links would be wonderful. Even people with a memory foam or latex mattress, if they knew how deep/dense the memory foam layer was it would be very useful.



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Lu let me know if you want me to take the link down no flagged up


outlast has a cool max topper. Fabulous. Pricey but worth it. My third topper and no comparison to the cheaper ones. After three years it is like new. So comfortable.


I have a memory foam topper from Argos but I don't remember which brand it is - probably one of their own - it's quite good but only about 2 inch thick. I have a temperature control topper on top of that which I had from Asda. Both together are fairly comfy for me.

Just looking at Argos site and they have a Silentnight 5 inch memory foam topper which has very good reviews and is currently discounted a little.


That one's the exact one I have, lol.

Found out that my current mattress actually only has 2.5cm memory foam as opposed to 5cm as I had thought.

Having exchanged a few weeks worth of emails with the Dreams support team, they told me that this information was unavailable due to the mattress no longer being made. One email to the CEO today, and within an hour an underling wrote back telling me that the memory foam layer was 2.5cm and the same density as my current topper. Go figure.

I do sink into the 5cm topper way too much, so maybe the 2.5cm version will work.


It might well do. I've found its pretty much trial and error as 'comfy' is subjective. I've also found 100% cotton fitted sheet as opposed to a blend is more comfy and I also use 8 pillows of varying thickness/softness to create a nest of sorts. I move around a lot in my 'sleep' and the pillows help to keep me comfy no matter what position I end up in.

Fingers crossed you find something that works for you :)


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