Oh boy anyone else struggling today? I just about made it into work and I'm trying not to let the tears come. it's very hard to sit when you are afraid someone is going to ask you to do something while your brain is not co-operating and everything hurts, I know you all know the feeling:) Some days no matter how much you do to take care of yourself it still kicks you in the teeth while you are down. I am not a fan of this long-term hangover I appear to have lived with forever. There was a press trip offered in work for a week in Canada all paid for and I was so excited but when I read the itinerary for dog sledging and snow parks and sight seeing I knew there was no way in hell I can manage it so I'm just over here sulking today. Although it gave me a good idea for looking for snails pace chronic illness holidays lol I can almost feel the sunshine warming my bones mmm bliss :)

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  • Yes I'm struggling today too. I'm in a lot of pain and having to stay in bed. I work from home, but I didn't manage any work today. I admire your resilience to be able to get into work even when you are in pain. I'm sorry you couldn't go on the exciting trip to Canada. I hope you get to go away somewhere more suitable and fun for you soon! x

  • Aw thank you so much Dryad I'm sorry you're in so much pain today. I hope you have all the comforts you need around you sending you gentle hugs :) I managed to get the pain to subside a bit now so I'm not feeling as frightened by it, I just don't like feeling vulnerable out in the real world with it :)

  • Hi Chqihoopini

    Good that you managed to make it into work, I am still off at the moment as finding everything such a struggle, takes me ages to get going in the mornings. I am dreading going back to work as my short term memory is very bad at the moment and brain very fuzzy, doesn't even work well at home. Just had access to work ring and can't remember a thing they said? The lady did speak very fast but its my brain giving me problems and thats with having a note pad beside the phone! :) Glad you are starting to feel a little better, sorry you have missed out on Canada, good luck with your slower paced holiday search :)

  • It's really frustrating when people speak fast although I think it's important we don't blame ourselves for it since it's beyond our complete control! Notepads good idea though totally taking that tip thanks:) I hope when work comes around you are in a much better place it's amazing how much work we have to do with our self confidence with this thing but it's nice to know people here get it xoxo

  • Hi Chiqihoopini

    I am sorry you missed out on the exciting things to do because of fibro. It's a bit of a wake up call to what has now passed and you are unlikely to do again.

    However, we fibromites can have other pleasures, time to sit with a coffee and watch the world go by, time out on a sunbed with a good book, losing yourself in a thrilling or romantic film, having time for a natter on the phone.

    I don't think we miss out if we make the effort to do these things, they are just as enjoyable, but different, that's all. :) :)


  • That's a very good point Kay it's always the little things that bring so much joy to my day no point sweating the small stuff that might have been anymore :)

  • Yes it must be so difficult to work when your body is wracked with pain and your mind is fuzzy. Such a pity about the Canada trip but it sounded full on even if you were fit.

    If you come across the snails pace holiday do let us know. A slow train journey with transport to all of the sites sounds like so something we might be able to do as long as all the seats were well paddedx

  • Haha now you're talking I promise if I win the lotto I'll organise (pay someone to organise lol) an all expenses paid comfy chilled travel excursion somewhere with decent sunshiney days:)

  • That sounds a plan.x

  • haha :) definitely would need a well padded seat :):)

  • Hi Chiqihoopini , Sorry your having a bad day it m is t b e just one of those days ad mine could be better too! ! Let's work on getting things better for a good tomorrow. Take care. Peck.🐤

  • Those words hit home usually I will grab a starchy or sugary treat to keep me going but I thought if I can ride it out I will feel better for it tomorrow. I hope your tomorrow is a great one Peck take care xoxo

  • 😊😊!! Peck.🐤

  • I feel so sorry you were fighting the tears today, so many times I have been there, I just want to tell you Well Done for getting into work and dealing with everything, there smiles ahead for all the tears!!. Have you ever tried colouring in at lunchtime I used to do it every day, I still do but I found it very relaxing especially in work because it was something personal to me while others were running about like mad things. It also raised a lot of interest with my work colleagues. There are so many relaxing and interesting books out there for adults, I have one with loads of spring garden scenes in it, I also have a fashion one so I think I am designing clothes lol. Keep your chin up :)

  • That is a brilliant idea Meg ah you are a God send! I never ever thought of doing that. I usually go for a little walk if I can but sometimes I just can't move from the desk and I love my colouring books too. That fashion one sounds fab I might treat myself to one:) Thanks again Meg xoxo

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