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Hi a while back I told you about the assessment failure ...Dr didn't turn up ...Well I got a letter this week from them saying I'm not in the support group ....That's without even seeing me ....Now I don't know what to do ...I got a meeting with JC next Thursday so unfair ...🙁

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Hi My-chinaman so sorry to hear this. I'm waiting for f2f date at the minute. I know the stress it causes has a massive effect on us. Shocked you didn't get f2f though. Don't give up keep fighting. Good luck and take care xx

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Hi I am so sorry you have a bad result but I am told by those in the know that you must Appeal or have a Mandatory re-think......I have never had to go through the system, so I hope you get some good info from others....Good luck x


Thankyou ..it's what I can do without I can't believe they just passed me over without f2f ..Seems they can't be bothered ...Stress stress stress ...I will fight for the assessment ....



I complained my ESA was assessed on my form alone and argued how could anyone decide which group to put me in if they had never seen me. I wrote a letter and demanded to be given an assessment so that the assessor could see my problems for themselves.

I was put in the Support Group after about a month, without an assessment.

Don't give up, complain loudly and long.

Good luck


I am on esa I ain't in the support group I have been in this group for 5 years and had no reviews spoken to dwp when I moved asking to change address and if I need to contact job centre and they said no.so I am stuck in limbo on what to do x


I'm confused now I was told you can only be on ESA for 2 years ...I have to have permanent contact with my work coach or I will lose money ...Every week I either have to go and see them or have a phone call ...Something is going wrong somewhere ...


Hi My-chinaman

I think that the best thing you can do is to get in touch with our Benefits Adviser Janet.

Here are all of her contact details:


I am sorry that I misled people and wrote that Janet wasn't back until February. That was my mistake for which I apologise.

You need to write a letter to the DWP asking to be put into the Support Group but it will need to be worded in a certain way.

I feel sure that Janet will be able to help you.

Good luck my friend.

Lu x



Keep your chin up appeal sounds like your Dr could be busy get your Dr to give you a written diagnosis when you fill in your appeal form check your answers with the points needed God bless you


I hpe you can appeal but you will need to speak to a benefits advisor. I was awarded priority group ESA in 2012, today i got a letter stating that if i dont attend an interview at the job centre on 31st my benefits WILL CEASE not MAY or MIGHT but WILL CEASE. i have no idea why. But it shows how they can mess you about. Bestvof luck with it. Blessings

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Can't believe you turned up and Doctor didn't then to be told this i feel for you I'm in the midst of this at the minute had no esa money since Nov waiting for medical they should not be able to treat people like this you can appeal don't give in


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