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I am like the previous lady- I had my ATOS medical on the 14th June for ESA and only got the result this morning..It has been turned down and it says that I am fit for work I am so upset I cant stop crying and I am on the verge of panic-just dont know what to do. I rely on my 17 year son to do the housework etc. I was granted DLA at highest rate mobility and care it just doesnt make sense-sorry to go on but not coping at all

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Its so horrible isnt it? It has made me feel like I am a liar or a fraud and in reality I am sat/laid (because I cannot get comfy and have to keep swapping! lol!) here in agony, unable to do anything. The only thing you can do is appeal I'm sure if you dont it will impact on your DLA so you have to fight it.


You are entitled to appeal. Please get professional advice.I've posted a link on Helen's ESA blog for free legal reprensation.

Don't be disheartened. I lost an ESA tribunal in June and reapplied the next day. Atos aren't going to get me down. I've got a lot more medical evidence and a diagnosis this time and since sending back the work capability assessment in August, I've not heard a word.

I was also awarded higher rate DLA at a tribunal this week but as working people are also entitled to this benefit, I don't really think it helps our case. I thought having the care component might help but I was not awarded this and am not sure how ESA would view this. To me, if you get care, you can't work. Simple. Unfortunately, I don't make the laws, not that Atos even follow their own guidelines.

Don't panic, help is out there for you. And I know I repeat it on every blog but remember you are not alone.

Please don't stress, you'll only make yourself ill.

Take care and blessed love xxx

I am sorry to hear what's happening I have just got HR dla of both and my ESA I up for review soon, I thought as I had just got dla I would be ok for ESA, but after reading this it looks like I,ll be starting my fight all over again soon.

I know it's hard coping and no one can make any sense of ATOS but seek help like sis tab less says."....... Good luck

ime new to this site.i have a page on fb called stop E.S.A treating people like many people are suffering because of atos ect..i have fibro and a vit D difichency sleep apnia chronic lower back pain and have to have my sister take care of claim has just gone to the tribunal panel .it may take up to 40 weeks...i have no support...

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Please get professional advice. It's hard enough going through the "system" and being treated cattle, but there is help out there.

The free representation unit should have someone in your area who can help you. Unfortunately most CAB's are overworked at the moment or I would suggest they be your first stop. My local CAB doesn't even exist anymore.

Take care and don't let them stress you.

Stay positive. I attended my tribunal alone after being turned down for DLA twice and was awarded higher rate mobility.

Also check for any disability charities in your area. The volunteers have probably been through the same thing already and if nothing else, they may be able to adivise you as to what to do next.

Blessed love xxx

thank you for your kind words...i will research whats in my town.i did go to CAB but they were no help...i might even go to my M.P x


Hi getactive

like the other lady I`m new here. I only had my 15 year old son living at home when I became very ill so know how you must be feeling.

He didn`t do any house work but tied to cook for me......onions in everything.....

I just wanted to mention that I have started a page about Herpes Zoster/Shingles if you happen to get this get this ?

Thinking of you,

gentle hug

Minimouse x

I had help and support with filling in my ESA forms from my Welfare Rights Advisor in my local council. They have been absolutely marvellous every time I have used them.

why on earth digit take so long to turn you down? I had my reply in two week to the day. I was lucky and awarded ESA, but I have older conditions as well, but they shouldn't have kept you waiting that long tha disgusting! xx ((( hugs)))

Tyhanks everyone for your comments I will contact my welfare rights officer. Yesterday I was really upset now I have got over the shock I am just very angry and I have come back angry. I will keep you updated x

Hope you get sorted. I was also lucky and got my ESA without medical and got low rate carers but only just got that as I cant prepare a meal. I did have to fight for that though.

Has anyone tried getting extra help from their local council . I get funding to employ a cleaner etc to help me do the things I used to be able to do. Its a personal budget so I can even purchase items that will help me to do thinks I can no longer do. I am even able to use it to find physio n massage which without them I would not be able to get up and about. I have two young children (11 n 13) who are also registered young carers so they also get support.

Hi there as usual its the real suffers ho are made the easy target you can appeal its best to do it through the citizens advice and you can appeal the appeal. Don't give up that's what they want you to do

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