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Hello guys

I have been having really bad dizzy spells for the past few weeks where I actually feel like I am drunk. This doesn’t happen just on movement but also when im sitting down just watching tv. Does anybody else have this symptom? I called my doctor to explain I was worried and he said fibromyalgia should not cause dizziness but then when you Google it, Google says it is one of the symptoms. ? Thankyou guys x

29 Replies
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Good morning. It doesn't cause me any dizziness. Does cause an awful lot of tiredness for me. And pain. In fact the whole thing is a pain in the neck. Sometimes I go to bed and 4pm and then wake up in the early hours such as 2.30 am. I seem to be a night owl at the moment. I'm now wide awake. Hope you have a good day today. Best wishes Golly

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Hi there, sorry not a symptom I've had to be honest. Well not related to my fibro. But I have had the same feelings due to an inner ear problem.

Unfortunately you can google just about anything related to Fibromyalgia and your more likely to be told its fibro related. I would seriously advise not believe everything you read. Not everything is fibro related. You could have an ear infection for example. Your GP should be taking a look at your ears. I

I personally would agree with him when he says its not fibro related xx

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Kazzza1976 in reply to Dizzytwo

Thankyou for your reply

Doctor thinks I have labrinythitis , just shows everything I get now I put it down to fibro. I won’t be doing that again , thanks for reply x

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DizzytwoModerator in reply to Kazzza1976

Glad you found out what was causing you the problems. I hope you feel better soon xx

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hi Kazzza1976 , fm itself doesn’t cause dizziness, but fm has a lot of other ailments that go along side it. I frequently get dizzy and I am light sensitive, sometimes my brain feels like it is rattling around in my head, and I was diagnosed with CFS, chronic fatigue syndrome, quite a few people have this with fm, but I am not saying you have this condition, I would google it, and see if any of the symptoms you can relate to, and then speak to your doctor again. I was diagnosed by the pain clinic, although my doctor was aware of CFS, she just wanted to be certain, after ruling everything else out.

Be careful and cautious, with the dizziness.

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Hi, I think you should have a word with your GP about your dizziness, it could be due to a number of ailments. My husband had dizzy spells, turned out he had B12 deficiency, which is kept under control with regular injections.

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Hi kazzza1972Sorry to hear you are having a tough time.

I would be asking to see GP to check

There are other conditions that may cause this.labyrinthitis or vitamin problems need to be considered.

I hope you feel better soon

Take care


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Kazzza1976 in reply to Gigiruth

hi my doctor thinks I have something what you mentioned labyrinthitis. He asked me if my ears where sore I said no as they was not sore but today I can’t stop itching one of my ears ands it’s quite painful. See it just shows , anything any symptom I get I put it down to fibromyalgia I won’t be doing that anymore. Thankyou for your reply

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Hi Kazza1976, I too get dizzy spells sometimes. They can happen anytime even when sitting down and can last from seconds to a couple of minutes. My Dr has said it could be CFS, I am tired all the time, even after a good night's sleep and some days feel very lethargic with no energy to do anything. He did check in my ears which are fine.

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Kazzza1976 in reply to redkite55

doctor thinks I have labrinythitis . Thanks for your reply

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I have just started with dizzy spells too. Think I overdone it a few weekends ago and then ended up with the chills and fever for a few nights after that had a dizzy head constantly like I've been drugged or tipsy and my ribs have been hurting too which is a really odd place to hurt

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hey!my dizziness (BPPV) started a few years before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia… I am aware that some medications can cause dizziness- ask dr to check your bp too. I hope you feel better soon as I know how debilitating loss of balance can be…kind regards

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years ago when all mine was diagnosed. I used to get Gd,awful period pain before during and after. Back and stomach were agony, i asked if fibro could be causing it? No, no fiibro doesnt affect periods. As time went by it turns out it DOES affect them. There was other stuff too that i was being told, no, no not related. Only to find out further down the line that new pains are being reported with this that n the other. It used to drive me mad because id reported the same 1/2/3 yrs previous. No one had ever heard of fibro when i got it, i kept getting sent to arthritis clinic then getting looked down their noses as it was probably the 3rd time they had seen me and still arthritis clear. Then i was getting what 1 called 'habitual cracking of legs' every step i took. This nasty c=w shouted at me and told me stop the ''habitual cracking'' like i were doing it on purpose, it hurt like hell, we got in her room told me stand in middle of room and took sticks of me and told walk to the chair 2 steps leg cracked leg gave way, and im a heap on the floor. I hated that woman with a passion and a bruised knee. a few yrs later there was an out of town specialist i got sent to, i have a name for your pain but alas no cure but there is treatment but what works for 1 isnt always the case for another. He barely touched my elbow and i mentally went thru the roof come down with tears in my eyes I cant remember how many tender points there are, was so long ago but lest say 27 and i had 25 of them he said, He then said i had probably had it since a good 15yrs previous. which took me to my teens, So all the pain i was getting back then i never mentioned because i put it down to motorbikes and camping in all weathers :-/ As i looked back it all made sense from teens to 20s and onwards to this present day. It seems now the world and its neighbours know about fibro There was 1 small leaflet that was it and the specialist gave it to me, There is so much more info these days Im 59 this year, and it seems ive had fibro and all its ''add ons'' as i call them for the best part of my life. Im 18yrs single, because some days i cant bare clothes touching me let alone a guy. Try explaining why u cant stand being touched because you hurt so much, let alone anything else. In the end i gave up. 18 yrs of alone time... Yet i still curl up in pain. As yrs go on its like something new fibro related adds on, i have chronic fatigue too, and i am tired of it all. Recently diagnosed with non hodgkins disease stage 4, thyroid that puts weight on, arthritis in spine and spondylitis in my neck. Like i really needed anymore crp to contend with.

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Beakybird58 in reply to ANJI-UK

hi, you’ve just pretty much written my life’s health history. I’m 2 yrs older… and in more pain than ever. Almost single as my partner is loosing patience with my excuses for intimacy… I’m fed up of living let alone trying to explain the pain to him. Recently been diagnosed with a prominent lumbar scoliosis - still the pain isn’t accounted for. Sorry to moan. Your story just hit a cord!Take care x

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ANJI-UK in reply to Beakybird58

moan away, dont mind me, does it make you feel that little bit 'lighter' knowing someone else is like you and its not all in your head? You rnt nasty feeling better for knowing someone else is suffering the same pain, its jus relief knowing its not all in your head. How can you expect to explain to others what you are going thru when you cant explain it to yourself? Its pretty tiring and frustrating trying to explain what you go thru. They move in for a cuddle and you wince or gently keep them at arms length saying pretty tender at the moment ......'' but you were fine yesterday'' yeh it can change like the weather. Then they ask '' obviously not getting it with me'' '' so where ru getting it, who is he?'' yehh been all thru that in the past. That 'fed up of living' you rnt alone. Im going thru that on n of for about 40yrs with 1 thing and another, the health problems just accelerate the feeling and it gets harder and harder to fight it off. I have a little grandaughter and ive been fighting myself to stay strong for her. Daughter estranged 3yrs now maybe a bit more, If it wasnt for her fathers GF i would never see my grandaughter, it started approx once a month, now im lucky if i see her once every 2-3mth. So that 'living' issue is a bit up in my face at the moment. But you got fight it hun, with all your might, fight it. Dont let anyone else take your life in their hands, snatch it back thats your decision, dont let anyone else make it for you or drive you to it. You have a life to live, get out there and live it. Dont be sad for the things you can no longer do. Be thankful for the things you CAN DO. I give myself this talk everytime i start to sink... then i catch a glimpse of grandaughters foto and she makes me smile, makes me remember who im fighting for. But she 9 this yr, theres going be a time when Nana isnt in her top 10 anymore, and visits get less n less,Ive seen it happen thru out friends with grandkids and the separated their kids. It breaks yr heart but you cant stop them living the life that they want to live. You just grab what you can, when you can and be thankful. KEEP FIGHTING, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. X

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Kazzza1976 in reply to ANJI-UK

Thankyou for ur reply x

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Hi Kazzza, I'm feeling dizzy sometimes but it's caused by medication, said my doctor it's side effects.

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Kazzza1976 in reply to Ronzanijane

thanks for reply x

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hi, I have also been having dizziness and feeling like I’m going to pass out. I’ve had bloods done and my folate is low so been put on folic acid. I’m still same though, hope you get sorted.

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I've been dealing with imbalance 24/7since last April,mine started the day after having a migraine and has never gone away. Mine is ok when I'm lying down or sitting down, but worse when I'm moving around.

I saw a neurologist and ENT consultants and after lots of tests they've both diagnosed me with vestibular migraines which cause dizziness, imbalance, spongey floor sensations and that weird drunk feeling.

You can have no headache with this. I'm now taking Venlafaxine as an anti migraine medication and my symptoms have improved. I'm also doing vestibular rehabilitation exercises at home to improve balance and retrain my stupidly sensitive brain to stop being so hypersensitive.

I would get it checked out as according to Google everything from climate change to world hunger can be blamed on Fibro. But it could easily be something else unrelated.

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Kazzza1976 in reply to Sparklingsunshine

hi yes

I do get headaches but not every day maybe a couple of times a week and when I have them they really strong. My doctor doesn’t think it’s anything to do with fibromyalgia he thinks I have larynthitis which is an infection of the ear and that’s why I am have dizzy spells frequently and feel like I am drunk. This can make you off balance and one of my ears is sore so maybe this is why

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Sparklingsunshine in reply to Kazzza1976

I've had regular migraines since my teens on and off, I developed underactive thyroid nearly 3 years ago and whether it was that or the thyroid replacement medication I dont know but my migraines got a lot more frequent, maybe twice a week. They now seem to have morphed into these vestibular ones. VM is a lot more common than doctors believe but is underdiagnosed and people get told they have labrynthitis, Menieres disease or even anxiety.

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Just a thought. I have had 30 years of vertigo ( and occasional worse: faints and fits) which have been put down to unstable neck vertebrae ( after lots of tests and scans… possible vagus nerve), but also had it from drugs ( notably Bendroflumethiazide BP one), and low B12. Not something I associate with fibro as such…but if another part of me hurts I might brace my neck /shoulder muscles ‘ incorrectly’ and set neck pain/dizziness off. I go to a mild spinal manipulator( originally trained as a McTimoney chiropractor) every 6-8 weeks to keep me ‘loose’ and aligned.

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Hi Kaz,

Yes, I was having a lot of what I called wooziness. It usually happened during the mornings at various times. Sometimes I felt quite nauseous, feeling clammy as well and felt that I needed to lie down. . I was having to monitor my blood pressure anyway as when the fibro first started, my blood pressure was quite a bit higher than usual. I bought myself a bp monitor for home use. What I did notice looking at the readings when the woozy spells happened, was that my pulse was higher than usual. I did wonder if it had anything to do with blood sugar?? Over a period of time that seems to have settled down I still get the odd woozy feeling now and again, but nowhere near as bad.

I'm loathed to go to my gp, as all I get is another prescription... !

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I have similar symptoms when my anxiety is elevated along with severe fatigue.

P808 profile image

Same as many responses, my therapist told me read up on CFS and more specifically, Post-exertional malaise (PEM). It helped me understand overlapping of Fibro and CFS, and the cycles of energy my body goes through. He also suggested I get a Holter monitor to see if the issue is with my heart. I have chronically low resting heart rate and tend to get fatigued and dizzy easily on my “down days”. I am working on getting that appointment. Some days I avoid driving cause it feels like I’m drunk. I don’t know, but I keep searching it’s all i can do… Good luck

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Hi kazzza I've been dealing with this for months now. I can feel fine just sat but if I get up to move I go dizzy light headed my eyes won't focus and it does feel like I'm drunk. It's strange I get in the car to drive and the same happens I don't feel safe driving anymore and don't tend to drive much now especially when I spent the last 16 years driving round the country for my job. The way I see it is my nervous system is broken and it causes a lot of sensory problems which doctors don't understand or believe. my mother has similar symptoms if the docs makes her wait an extra week or two for her B12 hydroxocobalamin injection and had a similar response from her doctor when she mentioned the symptoms. The health authority keeps brushing these problems under the carpet to keep numbers down with these conditions to hide the main cause of all issues chemical poisoning in my view. If I'm not dealing with chronic pain in my body it's sensory problems you just can't win with it .so much for just fibrus muscle pain as the docs would say . I hope you pull round soon take care

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Hi, I have been having dizzy spells for ages especially when I have a bad flair up of fibromyalgia. I had an ECG and loads of blood tests which all came back normal apart from my chlostrel being a bit high. I go to an Osteopath every week and he said I have very tight neck muscles which does not help the dizziness. He does dry needling, this is similar to acupuncture, which I find very helpful and it does help me a lot and when my neck is not painful the dizziness goes away. I also have funny feelings in my face which is hard to explain. Take care.

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Hello, I got a rare form of vasculitis 7 years ago and as a result of that i suffer with chronic pain, all the symptoms of fibromyalgia. I have read a lot about small fibre neuropathy which a lot of people with fibromyalgia can suffer from as the symptoms are a lot like fibromyalgia. One of the symptoms of small fibre neuropathy is dizziness when standing(i forget the medical name) but their isn't a test for it in this country, unless you pay privately for it, and as the treatment is more or less the same as fibro doctors don't bother diagnosing it as it's easier for them to say fibromyalgia.

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