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Just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia...help needed please

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I've had numerous blood tests done to rule other conditions out and I've finally been told that I am suffering from Fibromyalgia, however, apart from being given pain killers to help with the pain, I haven't been given any further advice or any other constructive information on how to deal with the condition going forward.

To this end I'm desperately looking for as much information and tips that I can use to help me hopefully deal with the pain going forward.

Many Thanks

8 Replies

Oh I am sorry first that you have this illness and secondly that you have to through what I think probably what most of us have been through. Lack of information. Well you have come to the right place. I havn`t been on here for long so I will leave it to someone with more experience to explain things to you Welcome to the site sue

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Hi there, and welcome to the forum :-) You will find a lot of very good information if you click on the FibroAction butterfly badge in the top right of your screen.

There are a lot of people here to give good knowledgeable information too, combined with some fun every now and again to take our minds off the troubles and pain we are fighting.

Sending positive healing vibes your way :-)

Foggy x

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Hello Grantcon1,

Welcome to our FibroAction community forum ! :)

You may like to see some recently added questions & answers, as suggested by a member to be included in a FAQ category. Here's the Q & A relevant to your query;


I'm around a lot of the time too and if not you can reach me by either private message or email info@fibroaction.org if you need to ask anything. However the majority of the time you can find the answer right here in the community forum as we have so many members willing to share their experiences in the hope it will help others. The community works well as all the members support each other as we all live with Fibro.

So I'll sign off now and leave you to start chatting to others to get to know everyone.

I hope you find the information helpful

Best wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Hi there, know how you feel. I've lived with discomfort for so long that I'm used to it. However I started to experience tiredness, fatigue, lack of energy a few years ago and regularly mentioned this to my GP. I wasn't taken seriously but earlier this year after doing my own research, began to wonder if FM might be the cause. I discussed with GP and he said that FM is very common. He referred me to Rheumatology after doing the usual blood tests including for Coeliacs. Everything was normal except I was told I was borderline low on Vit D and advised to take an over the counter supplement. On my first appointment with Rheumatologist, the consultation was so quick, he just fired questions at me. He concluded at the end that I didn't have FM owing to absence of trigger points. However he scheduled a pelvic x-Ray and blood test and to be seen again in 3 months. He prescribed one Vit D capsule. My GP was surprised when I told him of the outcome. On follow up I was seen by a new Consultant who informed me that I did have FM as diagnostic criteria had changed? He doubled Vit D prescription and discharged me! I was so frankly stunned, again by speed of consultation, and by outcome that I didn't ask questions. It seems an odd way to be treated? Afterwards I felt vindicated but in truth am still trying to come to terms with this new additional diagnosis? It's as though the condition isn't really taken seriously! As I've declared earlier, I also have a spinal condition that an MRI evidenced. Sorry for lengthy reply, but I absolutely know how you feel.

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Mdaisy in reply to Sniffer8

Hello Sniffer8,

Please see our website for more information about the 2010 criteria, which may be of interest;


Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Hi there and I hope you are feeling ok.Ask your GP if there is a Fibro support group locally,get as much info as you can from this site and the internet generally and depending on your pain,ask to be referred to your local pain clinic......a lot of hospitals have them. It would be helpful to write down exactly how you are suffering,eg physically,emotionally,the whole lot and go to your GP with your list. I wrote everything down and said that if i tried to explain, I would end up crying,so please could he read it. He said that it was really helpful for him to understand what I was going through and he was then able to address the issues with me. Good luck and remember,you are not on your own and just because other people can't see it,it doesn't mean it isn't real! Huge gentle hug to you,Wendy

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Hi grantcon01

Firstly welcome to the site and I sincerely hope that you find it as useful as I do. I am also so sorry to hear that you have this wretched illness. There is a lot of information on the site about all kinds things relating to your Fibro. I think that you will find them very interesting and very informative.

Good luck and I hope to bump into you around the site.


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welcome though I am sorry you have Fibro to deal with. I would ask your GP to refer you to the Pain Clinic at your local hospital. That is the route I went down and was able to access more information and help. I was even given a place on the Fibromyalgia Pain Management course which I thoroughly recommend. There is also loads of info on this site in the pinned notices on the right of this page.

Gentle hugs


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