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help needed

hi im new to this site and to help people give me advice ive been on contribution based esa been refussed dla twice have been sacked from my job have had a health check from dss and have been told i have limited capability for work cant get help with money perscriptions cause my hubby works full time to try to keep our heads above water im in tribunal court with my ex emplyor and cant get a solicitor to help me fight my poor husband works stupid hours to get more money i struggle to drive and cant afford a automatic car or get help to get one my family dont understand what pain im in have been to my local group and that didnt help so am runing out of time energy and im so low its unreal any help advice or who to turn to will help loads plzzzzzz

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So sorry for your situation.

many here have been in very simular mixes,

Take a deep breath and list what needs to be done.

You will find expert advice from admin, members, some of the tags (on right side) and from the main web site. There is a link to it just under the FibroAction butterfly on the home page.

You should qualify for a health cost certificate for your prescription fees. think it is a HC2.

Maybe a new application for DLA with advice on completing it will get a lot further this time. We tend to complete the first forms with what we can do on a good day. Sadly the good days get further apart as time goes on and we should just say it like it truly is (blog from yesterday about toilet needs comes to mind)

Wishing you all the best as you tick through your list.

If I can help with anything specific I will.

Gentle hugs Fi x


Hi there I totally understand what you are going through. I too lost my very good job many years ago - and it has taken about 15 years to get the correct diagnosis - however even now I know what I am dealing with - nobody can see the pain I am in - it is not visual apart from the very tired look I carry through chronic fatigue - what this government is doing is a really dispicable thing - as for getting a solicitor to help you with your employment tribunal - check to see if you have legal protection on your home buildings/contents insurance - and if you do there is a very good chance that this will cover employment disputes - I have used this route when my husband was unfairly dismissed and the solicitor appointed by our insurers was brilliant - he won the case - do try to stay posotive as hard as it can be - try to explain to your family just how it fees day and night and tell them how low you feel - they are not mind readers and you cannot hide it anyway eventually those close to you who know you really well will begin to see just how much you are struggling. I wish you luck and hope you can begin to feel stronger in every aspect. X


Hi hun if you get e.s.a then why dont you get free help with your meds etc.

Also cant you get legal aid surely you can.

Go to your local c.a.b office.

Some lawyers have open clinics as well.

Keep fighting sounds like you have a great will get great support on here.x


Hi yes that is right about your household insurance. I found out from the citizens advise bureau when I was in a difficult situation at my previous job. Your household insurance should have a clause wherein if you have a legal situation against your employer then you are insured for the costs. I had something like £50,000.00 cover for legal action. Because of this advise and this insurance I was able to employ a solicitors and an employment law barrister who saw me through the whole two years it took to get my case to tribunal and I came away with a very satisfactory result, something I would not have been able to achieve without their professional help and knowledge. It is very worth while believe me, ring your insurance company and they will advise you if you are not sure once you have read through your documents. Good luck. xx



We also have legal assistance with our household contents insurance, and I used this to take my ex-employers to the employment tribunal, and won.

Try again for DLA, but get a supporting letter from your GP to send with the form. Your GP may say that the DWP will contact him, but tell him that you would like one for your peace of mind. You might have to pay for the letter, but it's worth it if it means you get your DLA. Before your GP writes the letter, it will help him if you write down how your illness/s affect you day to day. If you can get any other supporting evidence e.g. hospital appointment letters/reports send them to. Only send copies, you keep the originals. Write your NI number and name at the top of every page you send, and send it by Recorded Delivery.

You can contact the CAB or Welfare Office for help with the DLA form. You can also get help on this forum with DLA and ESA.

I know how worrying this all is for you. I've been there, but I came through it, and you will too.




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