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Passed tribunal for esa

Hi guys long time no blogging but I thought I would let you know that my 7 months of hell has resulted in passing and in support group of esa. I will say it was the mental health side of my diagnosis that got me through, if you want to know more please message me i know how distressing it all is, my life really has been hell. I am also aware that every year i will have to go through this, but happy for now :-)

And a huge soft hug for the support this site has given me on bad days that's not good days esa people bad days got it lol

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Sorry terminology wrong wrag group


Aww penny, that is great news. I am so pleased for you. :)

hugs, kel xxxx


so pleased for you , iam in the middle of appealing but they have lost all my notes and gps letter , so got to start again x


Thank you guys, still can't believe it, I still have to deal with them and wil be tested again but I am a happy bunny. Rosehip I am so sorry for you it is a living hell and they do not treat us like humans soft hugs from me x


Happy you got ESA penny and try relax now until the next time as atleast you know what your in for xxxxx


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